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Same Day Tooth Replacement | Same Day Dental Implants CA Fremont, CA

Same Day Tooth Replacement | Same Day Dental Implants CA

Don’t you want damaged or missing teeth to be replaced in a single day? If yes, do consider dental implants in one day. It begins with an early consultation at the dental office. The dentist will evaluate your mouth and find out whether dental implants are best for you or not. If yes, then a customised dental treatment plan would be set. 

Same-day dental implants for single or multiple teeth replacements

If your single or many teeth are missing, then single day dental implants are an amazing solution for you. Those who are wearing uncomfortable dentures can consider this as a perfect solution. You can have a beautiful smile in as less as 24 hours. What before took months to show effect can now be achieved in a single day. The same day a patient can walk out of the dentist’s office with functional dental implants. Now people can easily smile, eat and laugh after dental implants with no or minimal discomfort. 

How is single day dental implants performed?

With advancements in dental technology, nowadays 3D city scans are combined with virtual planning software to conduct the dental implant treatment well. The artificial tooth roots are fabricated so that it suits the nuanced parameters of your mouth. As soon as the dentist maps the process, the dental implant is placed. Followed by the procedure, the patient can walk out of the dental office with his new teeth functioning and appearing like natural teeth. 

If you need same-day tooth replacement, visit us at CID and get the best services for dental implants in a single day. You can walk out with confidence. Contact us today for any further enquiry or booking an appointment with us.