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All-on-Four Implant Dentistry, San Jose

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A4 Complete Implant Solution at Center for Implant Dentistry, San Jose

All-on-4 treatment in San Jose

It is quite fortunate, when everything is not completely lost! With the latest advancement in dentistry, your lost teeth can be replaced completely with All-on-4 Dental Implants. Teeth loss is most commonly faced by adults and it gives a lot of discomfort in a day to day life. It would be amazing to be back with your lost teeth, which would retrieve your lost smile. You can also start eating your favorite food, which you have been missing to eat for a long time. It brings you that confidence to present yourself to the best in the public.

Get the Best treatment for All-on-4 in San Jose at Centre for Implant Dentistry!

What are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

It is now possible to achieve that complete smile with All-on-4 Dental implants, which entirely supports and appears like natural teeth. Unlike the conventional implants which need 6 to 8 implants, All-on-4 in San Jose requires just 4 implants to fix the complete arch of teeth. Also, conventional implants involve bone grafting and the duration is prolonged to a year. Whereas, All-on-4 dental implants in San Jose does not require bone grafting, as it is placed in an area where there is more jaw bone. As the implants are made of titanium, they tend to fuse with the bone and function with it. So eventually, the implants become a strong foundation for your teeth. This saves money and time. Also, All-on-4 in San Jose is a minimally invasive solution and keeps you away from discomfort.

What are the benefits of All-on-4 Dental implants?

It is definitely beneficial, when one can completely replace the entire arch of teeth with a new one. There are many other benefits of an All-on-4 dental implant, which are follows:

    • All-on-4 treatment in San Jose helps you prevent bone loss because the jaw bone continues to support the implants. The implants are placed in the bone in such a way that it stays more supportive.
    • The appearance of the All-on-4 Dental implants resembles the natural teeth. You can feel free from being conscious, as they can hardly be identified as implants.
    • All-on-4 Dental implants retain the shape of your face and also protects your jawbone. Also, they are comfortable because they do not pressurize your jaw bone.
    • It is convenient because they are permanently attached to your jaw bone. Unlike other dentures, you do not have to fear about the slipping out, while you speak or eat.
    • You are free to eat whatever you like! All-on-4 Dental implants function like your permanent teeth and are long-lasting. So, you will feel more secure and confident with All-on-4 Dental Implants.
  • With All-on-4 Dental implants, you can give a complete smile with full confidence. You don’t have to hide your smile anymore. It gives you a feeling of completeness and boosts up your confidence.

How much does All-on-4 Implants cost?

When compared to other dental procedures, All-on-4 implant costs slightly higher because of replacing the entire arch of teeth. At, Centre for Implant Dentistry, All-on-4 implants cost would be $14,990/jaw which will include 4 implants and 12 teeth.

How All-on-4 treatment works?

The treatment first begins with a consultation with one of our implant specialist during which we take X-rays, Scans and your dental impression to proceed further with the All-on-4 implants surgery. Local anesthesia will be administered to keep you out of pain during the implant surgery. If need be, sedatives will also be given. Also, if necessary, extractions may be performed before inserting the dental implants. After which, the 4 implants are placed in the right positions on your jaw bone.

How do you know that All-on-4 treatment is the right option for you?

Our center is specialized for Dental implants, where the entire procedure is performed by dental implant specialists. During your first consultation with us, our implant specialist will check you thoroughly for the suitability of All on four treatment.

If you are looking for All-on-4 dental implant in San Jose, we can help you with the best treatment, which will bring back your beautiful smile. It will be the best transformation ever happened in your life. We have performed many successful All on four treatments in San Jose and continue to bring hopes for those who are suffering from teeth loss. All on Four treatment in San Jose could be the best option if you are thinking to retrieve your complete arch of teeth.