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Oral sedation at center for implant dentistry, fremont

Oral sedation at center for implant dentistry, fremont

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Oral sedation at center for implant dentistry, fremont

What is oral sedation?

Oral sedation is a modern technique for helping patients relax during dental appointments. It is often called conscious oral sedation, differentiating it from general anesthesia. The level of sedation is determined by the dosage. Therefore, it is easily customized according to each patient’s needs.

It takes time for oral medication to enter the bloodstream and reach peak effectiveness. The length of the delay varies, depending on the specific medication used. You may be asked to arrive early, so the medication can be administered in the office and have time to take effect. Alternately, you may be provided with a prescription to take at home, several hours before your appointment.

Benefits of oral sedation

Nitrous oxide, the most common form of dental sedation, is simply too mild for many patients. We offer three types of sedation, and the level of relaxation can be adjusted by varying the dosage. Additionally, oral sedatives can be used in conjunction with nitrous. This allows us to deliver a highly customized, extremely comfortable patient experience. Many needle-phobic patients choose oral sedation, rather than IV sedation. It is also a popular option among individuals with a high degree of anticipation anxiety, because the gradual onset of effects helps you relax before your appointment. Additionally, many patients have little to no memory of treatment.


Oral sedation is safe for most patients; however, there are potential drug interactions. Be sure to tell your dentist about any prescriptions, supplements, natural remedies, recreational drugs, or anything else that you are “taking.”  We carefully evaluate your medical history to choose the best and safest option for you. Additionally, every patient is carefully monitored throughout treatment, and every one of our dentists has training in emergency medicine, because your safety is always our top priority.

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