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CEREC Same Day Crowns - Fremont, CA

CEREC® same day crowns: convenient, highly esthetic restorations

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Same-Day Restorations

CEREC® same day dental crowns offer high quality, beautiful restorations to rebuild or cover damaged teeth, or to restore dental implants. With this state-of-the-art service, you can avoid the long lab times and inconvenience of traditional dental crowns and having to visit multiple practitioners to complete your smile. CEREC® same day crowns are custom-made in our on-site lab, by our cutting-edge CAD/CAM system and milling machine and can be created and placed in one visit.

Single Dental Implant Restoration

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant affords a wealth of benefits to your smile, oral health and self-confidence. Because our doctors have such a high level understanding of implantology, we are able to both surgically place dental implant posts and restore them with superior quality CEREC® dental crowns.

The CEREC® Same Day Process

CEREC Same Day Crowns Fremont, CA
The CEREC® Process

With CEREC® same day crowns, the process of restoring your implant with a highly esthetic ceramic crown is fast, convenient and comfortable. We first take digital impressions to capture details of your implant post and surrounding areas. These impressions are quick and easy, and do not rely on goopy materials. Data from the impressions is then transmitted from our computer software to our milling machine for fabrication. Your custom dental implant crown is crafted by our advanced machine and permanently attached to your implant by one of our talented doctors. The entire crown procedure takes place all within a single visit to our modern, friendly practice.

The Benefits of CEREC® Technology

One of the many benefits of visiting our practice is the ability to have your dental implant restored within the convenience of a single appointment. Our team understands that time and high-quality results are important to you. We incorporate cutting-edge technology into creating treatment plans that deliver the highest value to our patients.

Benefits of CEREC same day crowns include:

  • Single visit procedure
  • No temporaries
  • Strong and durable
  • Natural looking and highly esthetic
  • Compressed material (not lab-layered porcelain)
  • Digital impressions (no goopy material)
  • Restore function to the bite
  • Improve self-confidence
CEREC Same Day Crowns Fremont, CA