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Are dental implants the right choice for me? Fremont, CA

Are dental implants the right choice for me?

Answer the following questions:

  • Do you have one or more missing teeth, or teeth in need of extraction?
  • Do you need to replace a bridge?
  • Do your dentures affect your quality of life by slipping, clicking or keeping you from eating what you want?
  • Do you have bite problems or pain because of a missing tooth?
  • Do you want a long-term solution for missing teeth?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, you may benefit from dental implants. It would be well worth your time to schedule a FREE consultation at our Fremont or San Francisco implant dentistry office. Dental implants in San Francisco are the ultimate long-term solution to your teeth problems; however implants require a healthy oral environment to be successful including adequate bone to support dental implants and healthy gums. Dental implants also work best for non-smokers or those willing to quit smoking permanently.

In certain cases when your gum and bone health isn’t ideal for implants, our dentists are highly skilled in all areas of implant dentistry. To help increase your candidacy for SF dental implants, we may recommend certain procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifts. These specialized services rebuild lost bone in the jaw, creating the ideal environment for successful dental implantation and a long lasting, healthy, beautiful smile.