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Our Mission Statement

The Center for Implant Dentistry was established on a standard of excellence not found in every dental office. Our doctors have achieved the highest level of education and training available in the field of tooth replacement with dental implants. Though expertise is an important factor in the care you seek, our team also offers the treatments you need in a welcoming environment where you can feel at ease.

A4 Implant Solution Vs Other Options

Snap-In Dentures

40% chewing capacity


6 month process

The dentures partially sit on the gum and move when chewing, causing pressure on the gum

Upper denture covers the palate with plastic, not letting your food taste the same and causing speech problems

Pressure on gums causes continued bone loss and denture needs to be relined continuously

High implant failure due to snap-in and snap-out forces

Multiple appointments at different dental specialist offices

Must be removed every night and requires more care and maintenance than real teeth

$12,000 – $40,000
both jaws

A4 Complete Implant Solution

90% chewing capacity

Secured permanently

Brand new smile in 3 TO 4 DAYS

The bridges sit entirely on the implants with NO play (movement when chewing)

The palate is not covered by plastic so you can taste food and speak without problems

Consultation, teeth design, and surgery all in ONE LOCATION

All done by dental surgeons specializing in All on 4 implants

Permanent teeth that you can brush and care for like real teeth

Customized to your biting forces, jaw bone arrangement, bone density, and mechanics of chewing

$14,990 one jaw
$29,980 both jaws

Traditional All on 4

Very secure

1 to 2 year process, which may include sinus lifts and bone grafting

Multiple appointments at several offices

Higher risk of failure and complications

Temporary teeth are required due to long waiting period

$49,000 – $120,000
both jaws

A Dental Implant Facility Like No Other!

Home Fremont, CA

Imaging Center

With our in-house CT scan we are able to provide imaging for referring dentists in the area. The beauty of this revolutionary piece of technologically advanced equipment is that it provides three dimensional, high definition, visual data with less radiation exposure than alternate imaging devices.Read more…

Home Fremont, CA

Dental Implant Center

We invite you to visit our modern, spacious state of the art dental implant center located in the heart of the Bay Area, Fremont, CA. We are a group of three progressive dentists who have streamlined our careers to the field of Dental Implantology and Full Mouth Reconstruction.  Read more…

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CAD/CAM Milling Center

I am excited to share with you a recent addition to our implant center that we are so proud of. After years of frustration with the dental lab technicians who did not share the same passion for implant dentistry that we have and would not go for continuing education and would keep giving mediocre traditional implant prosthetics Read more…

Before And Afters

Before After

Dental Implants Case 1

Before After

Dental Implants Case 3

Before After

Dental Implants Case 2

Before After

Dental Implants Case 4

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