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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fremont Fremont, CA

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fremont

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fremont

Information About Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth

When discussing wisdom teeth removal with a group of adults, you may expect to hear horror stories about swelling, dry sockets, and painful surgery. Wisdom teeth extraction does not have to be a terrifying experience. When done appropriately and with plenty of safeguards, removing wisdom teeth can be relatively simple and pain-free. The wisdom teeth removal in Fremont is regular, yet many people have concerns about the process and recovery. Your Perfect Smile is our responsibility; we provide you with the best wisdom teeth removal dentist.

We are equipped to handle all tooth extractions as a comprehensive dental care provider. In particular, we have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of wisdom teeth removal in Fremont and the surrounding areas. If you are suffering any discomfort, please contact us as soon as possible for a consultation, or come to our convenient Fremont office. If taken care of promptly, tooth extractions are a pretty routine surgery.

Why We Remove Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth is pulled to either cure an existing problem or avoid future ones. When wisdom teeth grow, they can cause a variety of issues, including:

  • Your wisdom teeth may burst through your gums partially, resulting in a flap of gum tissue growing over them. Food and microorganisms can become trapped beneath the flap, causing red, swollen, and sore gums. These are infection symptoms.
  • Affected teeth can cause more significant complications, such as infection, damage to adjacent teeth and bone, or the formation of a cyst.
  • One or more wisdom teeth may erupt at an odd angle, with the tooth’s crown looking forward, backward, or to either side.
  • They may become blocked and unable to break through your gums because your jaw is too small to hold them.

Removing Wisdom Teeth Fremont

Removing wisdom teeth Fremont is usually successful at preventing:

  • The back teeth are crowded.
  • A flap of skin surrounding a wisdom tooth that has only partially come in has created red, swollen, and painful gums.
  • Gum disease and tooth decay in the wisdom tooth are more challenging to clean than other teeth and the teeth and jaw in the wisdom tooth area.
  • A wisdom tooth becomes impacted in the jaw and never breaks through the gums.

What is involved in wisdom teeth extraction?

In our clinic, wisdom teeth extraction is a regular procedure. The majority of our patients’ surgeries are performed in our clinic, and they usually take around an hour on the day of surgery. Patients often require 2-3 days of healing time at home. Swelling, a soft diet for a few days, and bleeding that lasts only a few hours on the first day are common post-surgery findings. Your surgeon will go over everything in detail with you at your consultation. You will be given post-operative instructions and medicine (if needed) to aid any swelling or discomfort.

Contact Us For Better Treatment

Suppose tooth discomfort interferes with your quality of life; a visit with our Fremont dental staff can help you choose the best course of action. We have the best wisdom teeth removal dentist who makes your smile more perfect. Contact our facility to learn more about our tooth extraction services in Fremont and make an appointment.