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Stress free wisdom teeth extraction in Fremont

Few dental procedures cause as much apprehension as a tooth extraction. Unfortunately, most people face this decision when their wisdom teeth erupt. While the name may suggest that the wisdom teeth will make you smarter and wiser, the truth is that the third set of molars actually offers very little benefit. At best, wisdom teeth erupt with little fanfare. All that the patient notices is that there are a few more teeth to brush. However, in many cases, the extra teeth can cause crowding of the remaining teeth, infection due to patients having trouble brushing around them, or they can be impacted or erupt at awkward angles, causing pain and inflammation.

After a dentist looks at an x-ray of your teeth, it can be determined if your wisdom teeth are likely to cause pain now or in the future. If the wisdom teeth are likely to cause more harm than good, extraction will be recommended. While the procedure may sound intimidating, Dr. Sam Jain has been helping patients find a stress-free path through the wisdom teeth removal process for many years.

The first step is to have an honest conversation with your dentist about the wisdom teeth. Many people try to hide or ignore tooth pain because they’re worried that the dentist will recommend extraction. In some cases, extraction can be avoided. For example, when the mouth has enough room to house four more molars, the teeth are completely erupted, and the patient can reach the teeth to properly brush and floss to keep them healthy.

If the wisdom teeth do need to be extracted to address current oral health problems or to prevent problems in the future, patients can be confident that the tooth, or teeth, can be extracted safely and with minimal discomfort. If the tooth is fully erupted, the extraction is simple. However, if the teeth are impacted, they will need to be surgically removed. If this is the case, patients will receive sedation in order to keep them from feeling pain during the procedure.

For more information about wisdom tooth extraction in the Fremont area, call Dr. Sam Jain today.

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