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How Hayward area dentist can treat an impacted wisdom tooth

The wisdom teeth, also referred to as the third molars, are the last teeth to break through the gum line. Most patients experience their eruption in their late teen to early adult years. These teeth can sometimes be problematic. When they do erupt, they may be so far back in the mouth that they are difficult to clean and care for, increasing the risk for periodontal disease. They often fail to erupt and become impacted.

An impacted wisdom tooth does not break through the gum line. This is often due to lack of space or incorrect alignment of the tooth, which causes it to face the other teeth and fail to erupt. When this occurs, the impacted wisdom tooth needs to be addressed with surgical removal.

Hayward area dentists, Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta of the Center for Implant Dentistry, treat many patients who are faced with impacted wisdom teeth. In these cases, we extract the wisdom tooth from below the gum line with oral surgery. To make the process more efficient, sometimes we will break up the tooth and remove it in sections. We offer a variety of sedation services including oral conscious sedation and IV sedation to help with anxieties and ensure a comfortable experience for every patient during this process.

Healing from the removal of wisdom teeth will take a few days, but our team will provide patients with aftercare instructions so they better understand how to care for their smile to facilitate faster healing. We point out ways to avoid disrupting blood clots and infection for a better healing experience overall.

Patients in the Hayward community who are faced with impacted wisdom teeth are welcome to book an appointment at our practice to learn about treatment options. We encourage individuals to speak with Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta to learn more.

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