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Why Us

I had a great experience at this dentist! I needed about 5 implants and went to many other doctors where I live in Santa Cruz and one is San Jose. They quoted me such a high price it was ridiculous ($54000-$60000) and said the implant I needed the most in the front lower could not be done! So I read some good reviews and decided to give Center For Implant Dentistry a shot.

I'm very glad I did because right away Dr. Jain seemed sure we could do the front tooth. After taking much time with me looking at the CT scan and explaining about bone strength and what not I was ready to get started.

( on a side note: I was only going in for a consultation and hadn't ate yet and was feeling a little bit jittery. They went out of their way and gave me some food and drink so I would feel better. I really appreciated that! )

So in the end I got all 5 implants done that day for a very good price. The implants I got all feel and look perfect. I couldn't be happier. That's why I'm going back for 2 more. To me the 45 minute drive was WAY worth it. I've since gone back for a cleaning and some filling work and feel totally comfortable in their office.

These doctors and staff are some of the hardest working people also. They are open on Saturdays too. I forgot her name but the lady who cleaned my teeth had a great sense of humor too!

- Agostino S.


We invite you to visit our modern, spacious, state-of-the-art dental implant center located in the heart of the Bay Area, Fremont, CA. We are a group of three progressive dentists who have streamlined our carriers to the field of Dental Implantology and Full Mouth Reconstruction. The inspiration behind our center is a genuine concern for healing.
We have seen first-hand the true power of dental implants and we gain a great deal of respect for this treatment every time we see the life changing results our patients enjoy. There is no doubt that dentistry has been revolutionized by Implantology. As dentists and their patients see the innumerable benefits of implants for tooth replacement, we are seeing a shift in the way we approach this process. Longstanding treatments are now becoming antiquated in the face of innovative implant care.
The team at Center for Implant Dentistry has remained at the forefront of this rapidly progressing field for several years. Our philosophy has been to perform complete implant dentistry under one roof, supported by strong pillars of sound knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, a full time dedicated implant team, passion for the job, and above all, the passion for healing.
Following are the distinguishing features of our implant practice that make us unique.


We have three full time implantologists who are trained in complete implant dentistry. Our center is fully equipped with the necessary technology that lets us serve our patients’ needs under one roof. We are capable of imaging, planning and performing surgeries the same day as the consultation in many cases. In our Implant Center, treatment may differ quite a bit from the standard of care most people find in other practices.


Unlike traditional implant dentistry, we often combine multiple procedures into a single surgery.

For example, if a patient comes with a broken front tooth that needs to be extracted, we may remove the tooth and immediately place an implant and temporary crown. If necessary, bone grafting may also be performed during this surgery. Yes, it is possible to come in to our office with a broken or missing tooth and walk out with your smile fully restored! This immediate implant treatment is much different from the traditional process, which involves three separate surgeries:

  • Surgery #1, extraction and bone graft
  • Surgery #2, Implant placement is performed 5 months after the bone graft
  • Surgery #3 4 months later, uncover the implant and place the abutment, which will eventually hold a crown.
  • 1-2 months later the final crown is placed on the abutment and treatment is complete.

Same Day Teeth

In most cases, we are able to fit temporary teeth on the implants the same day as implant placement. Affixing temporary teeth to the implants provides a natural look and feel as you wait for your permanent restorations to be made.


We have developed protocols through which implant surgery often requires very small incisions, if any:

  1. Using computer guided technology and high magnification loupes we enlarge our view of the treatment area to such an extent that large cuts are not necessary to reach small areas.
  2. We have traded the traditional lateral window technique for sinus lift with the implant hole. With our technique, minimal cuts are made to create a small hole that lifts the sinus while making room for the inserted implant. Implants are situated into the same hole made for lifting, maximizing our work.
  3. When treating hard tissue such as bone, we prefer to use piezoelectric technology rather than the traditional technique. Piezoelectric technology greatly reduces the risk of nerve injury.
  4. The microsurgery techniques and micro-surgical instruments we use are the same that are employed during brain and vascular surgeries. These instruments allow us the best view of the magnified surgical field.


Our use of microsurgery techniques and high magnification lead to the least traumatic procedures, increasing patient comfort both during and after implant surgery.


We take our time in planning and performing implant surgeries because it is important to us to achieve the desired result the first time. Our doctors know how many implants to place, where to place them, and we know which type of implants will best suit the patient before surgery ever begins. We also know if we will need to perform bone grafting or sinus lift before you are in the treatment chair. Our understanding of engineering, the maxillofacial anatomy, and the use of modern biologics makes us a wonderful resource for your dental needs.


Dental implants restore the maximum degree of functionality to chewing. Our technique preserves the natural oral structure and appearance. Because we make very small incisions, if any, gum tissue is very minimally disrupted. This means that only mild swelling may occur around the surgical site. The less trauma that occurs, the less gums may shrink over time. Most people treated with dental implants cannot tell the difference between tooth replacements and the natural teeth!


The dentists at Center for Implant Dentistry do not rely on outdated diagnostic imaging. We utilize only 3D imaging such as CT scanning to map out our surgical plan. By using computer imaging before, during, and after procedures, we secure our ability to achieve the desired outcome for each patient.


Often, patients treated with dental implants must see multiple dentists. The general dentist may recommend implants and will plan restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture. The implant surgery, however, is performed in a different office by a different doctor. After implants have healed, the general dentist can affix the final restoration into place. This process leaves room for error and we do not like errors. At Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, CA, we perform every phase of implant care, often in a single surgery. Our doctors have extensive experience in planning, performing, and following-up on implant surgery.


One of the wonderful aspects of dentistry is that the field is always advancing. We continue to stay at the forefront of dental technology as it relates to our area of expertise. The team at Center for Implant Dentistry believes that learning never stops.


The only doctors providing care in our implant center are Dr. Sam Jain, Dr. Arpana Gupta. Our group practice is set apart from others in that we do not bring in other dentists. Whether you visit us today or five years from now, our dentists will be the same.


We believe in sharing knowledge and helping fellow dentists with difficult cases and complications. We enjoy the challenge and try to learn from it; we see complicated cases as an opportunity to improve our skills as implantologists.


Due to the nature of our surgical services and our commitment to excellence, we have completed training in emergency medicine as a way to ensure the safety of our patients. Courses taken include advanced cardiac life support, emergency drugs, airway management, and the interpretation of 12-lead EKG. Additionally, we are trained, certified, and licensed to perform IV sedation. Each of our treatment rooms has the appropriate emergency medical equipment.