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94560 dentists offer bone grafting for immediate implants

For some patients, there is not enough bone for the successful placement of dental implants. This is when the team of the Center for Implant Dentistry will speak to patients about bone grafting for immediate dental implants.

When teeth are removed with the expectation of placing a dental implant, the void is prepared. An initial drill is used to decide the depth and angulation followed by increasing sized drills to prepare the area. The implant is then placed into this prepared site. If there are defects in the area, they can be corrected at the same time as the implant procedure by using bone or bone substitute to place into the area. A cover screw is inserted into the implant to cover the internal threads and a resorbable membrane covers the area to help with healing. The gum flap is repositioned and sutured into place, and a provisional denture is used to replace the tooth temporarily during this healing stage. Over time, the patient’s own bone will resorb and any defects will be addressed. Healing caps may be used before the area is prepared for the post, core, and crown.

Other times, patients may be better suited for autografting. Autografting is a process in which bone is taken from one area and used to build it up in another. For most patients, the chin is used as a donor site. Block grafts are used to build a posterior mandible, secured to the wall with bone screws. Voids can be filled with another bone material not from the patient called an allograft. The donor site can be filled with allograft to aid with healing.

Patients in the area of 94560 seeking a quality, experienced dentist who can provide bone grafting and dental implantation are welcome to contact the team at the Center for Implant Dentistry to find out more about the process required to prepare and place implants when the bone structure has been damaged or deteriorated. We can educate patients on the methods used to restore the area and bring their smile back to better health, function, and aesthetics using some of the latest techniques.

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