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Implant dentists offer complete care from consult to crown in San Francisco

In the past if missing teeth, dentures, or bridges weren’t an option, the journey to dental implants would start at your family dentist’s office. Your doctor would refer you to a surgical specialist to place the implant or metal “root” that serves as a foundation for your crown.

By the time you could eat or flash those pearly whites confidently, you would have also visited a restorative dentist tasked with completing the process.

Naturally, these providers were not located at the same place, necessitating multiple trips across town or towns.

A better way

Dr. Sam Jain and his team are turning this time-consuming, stress-inducing model on its head.

There are more than 195,000 practicing dentists in the United States. Of those, only 10 percent are equipped to place implants, including the Center for Implant Dentistry.

The expertise of Drs. Jain, Arpana and Shivani Gupta is even harder to come by when you consider the Greater Bay Area boasts a comparatively small pool of around 7,500 active, licensed dentists.

But even those implant dentists in San Francisco and its environs don’t all boast the same depth of knowledge and breadth of services.

Choose wisely

With a combined 36-plus years of experience, our implantologists are revolutionizing how dental care is delivered by consolidating all services under one roof.

A process that traditionally demanded three to nine months (or more) is streamlined.

Using the region’s only onsite commercial-level CAD/CAM lab, we create a crown in about an hour. No more contending with temporary crowns, and no more waiting weeks for new teeth to arrive.

Our immediate implant treatment means you can walk in with a broken tooth; walk out with an implant and crown the same-day. With the “traditional” approach, you would undergo three separate extraction, implant and crown placement surgeries over 10 months.

Proof is in the performance

Implants are successful on average more than 97 percent of the time. Our expertise and resources to handle all aspects of treatment plays no small part in these outcomes. We have an advantage over the specialists who meet you once with one narrow purpose in mind. We get to know you. Accordingly, we tailor a plan to match your specific needs and budget.

We have also invested in the technology to really know your teeth. Our CT scan generates three-dimensional images, so we can clearly see the anatomical structures of your face, jaws and mouth in a way standard X-rays don’t allow. We can better diagnose conditions, develop accurate care plans, and address potential complications from the outset.

While there are more dentists in the Greater Bay Area than any other region of the state, there is only one center for restoration services that has the capabilities to be with you through every step of the process, from consult to crown.

Experience what sets us apart by calling our office at (510) 574-0496. We’re available six days a week to get you looking and feeling better in hours — not months or years.

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