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Implant dentists promote long-term, whole-mouth health to San Jose, CA.

Dental implants can be immediate confidence-boosters. Once the crown is placed, you smile wide again without fear others will see the gap where your teeth used to be.

The transformative impact of the implant process reaches far beyond what you see in the mirror, or others see at face value.

Our team at the Center for Implant Dentistry understands the importance of replacing lost teeth from a whole-mouth health perspective.

Beyond skin deep

Just as your muscles shrink during a prolonged period of bed-rest, your jawbone atrophies when you don’t use a portion of your mouth to chew.

The rate of bone loss is alarming; after 12 months without the tooth, the width of the bone encasing and supporting the teeth decreases by 25 percent. Within another 24 months, the height of this alveolar bone begins to retreat. Eventually, the jawbone wastes away.

Bone loss can become so pronounced it dramatically alters the shape of your face, creating a sunken appearance that prematurely ages you.

When you chew, the action stimulates your bone – preventing further bone loss. Unlike bridges or dentures, implants are the only tooth replacement option that halts this deterioration. You also preserve the health of surrounding teeth, which must be filed down to create posts for a bridge.

Implants can reverse damage. Long gone are the days when shell fragments, cast iron or jade were fashioned into teeth. Today bone and tissue may be regrown. Where possible, patients are encouraged to get implants soon after extractions to maintain bone density.

It’s never too late

With proper brushing, flossing and regular trips to see us – the answer to all your dental needs – implants have been known to last 40-plus years.

You avoid other undesirables associated with bone and tooth loss, including speech impediments, poor bite, broken teeth from reliance on other teeth to chew, and TMJ disorders.

You have a choice for implant dentists in San Jose, CA. to reverse or prevent long-term problems. The Greater Bay Area has 5.1 dentists for every 5,000 residents – more than any other part of a state that leads the nation in dental professionals.

Our team distinguishes itself partly with its passion; Dr. Sam Jain felt so strongly about promoting health through implants that he pivoted from mechanical engineering to dentistry. He would later achieve the highest distinction within the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the world’s largest provider of continuing dental education.

Drs. Jain, and Arpana and Shivani Gupta will pass the value of this knowledge on to you. You’ll also benefit from their understanding of the latest advances in dentistry and technology. Call (510) 574-0496 to schedule an appointment today.

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