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The best implant treatment methods from Bay Area dentist

I recently visited San Francisco and Silicon Valley area with my family. I flew all the way from WV to see the west coast. But on my way in the airplane, I felt some pain in my upper jaw tooth area. I thought it would be okay by the time I get back to WV and get it looked at by our family dentist.

The first day I was in Cupertino area, I could not bear the pain. We didn't know anyone in the new location. We were visiting Stanford University that day and left for a drive around the area. We crossed a long bridge and the signs said we were in Fremont area. We stopped there for dinner and I found ad for some Dr. Jain's clinic in the paper. Next day I stopped by his office and after a wait of around 1 hour, he talked to me. I had insurance from WV (United Concordia, PPO). After checkup it turned out I had a broken tooth that was causing the pain in my upper left jaw and it had to be fixed to stop the pain.

Dr. Jain took some X-Rays and advised me that the tooth was broken in a way that the remaining part had to be extracted to prevent infection. I wanted to get rid of the pain and after the extraction I felt good. My trip was suffering due to this uncalled pain and my wife was in the meantime showing the kids the around.

After 2 days I went to Dr. Jain's office again. He suggested that I should look into the possibility of getting implant where the tooth was extracted to prevent bone loss. He did some scan and showed me the jaw on the computer. I did not get it done as I had to come back to WV for Thanksgiving but plan to go back to him to get the implant done during my next visit in a few months to west coast.

I'm very impressed by the professionalism at this Dentist office and look forward to getting my new implant tooth in the coming months from Dr. Jain's clinic.

- Vinnie G.


For many years dental implants have been the go-to solution for tooth replacement. Implants offer better comfort and stability than other tooth replacement methods, and are a permanent “set and forget” solution to patients who don’t want to take their tooth out before bed and replace it in the morning.

However, in recent years implants have gotten even better with dentists who practice an advanced placement method. Until recently the implant procedure was perhaps its greatest disadvantage. The process was long and required several trips to the dentist. First the original tooth would have to be extracted and a bone graft may need to be performed. Then the implant, a tiny rod made of titanium, would be inserted. Several month later after the bone had grown and attached to the rod, the surgery site would be uncovered. Finally, after the gum headed the crown, or replacement tooth, would be placed. In some cases it would take nearly a year until the process was complete.

Instead, at the Center for Implant Dentistry, Dr. Sambhav (Sam) Jain and his team offer a streamlined approach to dental implants. With the best technology, a full inventory of supplies, and an advanced CEREC machine the entire process can typically be completed in one single visit to the dental office. The team uses advanced technology that allows them to see inside the mouth and bones. This lessens the risk of surprises and complications during surgery. They also have technology that allows them to cut the bone instead of drilling a hole for the implant. This minimizes discomfort for the patient, leads to faster healing, and minimizes risk of nerve injury. Finally, the team utilized as CEREC CAD/CAM machine that creates a replacement tooth in the office. There’s no uncomfortable impressions sent to a dental laboratory. Instead the patient receives his new tooth the very same day.

Let’s face it. Your smile is probably your best feature and it’s likely the first things people notice about you. Shouldn’t you be comfortable flashing it to friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers on the street? Let Dr. Jain and the Center for Implant Dentistry help you improve your smile with faster, more effective dental implant treatment.

For more information about dental implants or our office, call the Center for Implant Dentistry today.

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