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Virtual Surgical Planning at Center for Implant Dentistry, fremont

My mom got a fairly complicated bridge done at Prestige Dental. Dr Sam Jain was very professional in explaining all the options in detail. He was also very courteous and was successful in putting my mom's mind to ease before the procedure. Overall great experience.

- P. S.


The placement of dental implants is a delicate, technique-sensitive procedure. It has an excellent success rate, and is highly predictable when performed properly. However, even a tiny difference in location or angle can make a difference in patient comfort and esthetics. Computerized planning dramatically increases accuracy of placement as opposed to the freehand technique.

The planning process

Of course, we begin with a thorough examination and a discussion about your oral health goals and options. Although this is a renowned dental implant center, we do not “push” implants. If your tooth is savable, we will tell you so, and if you are not a good candidate for implants, we will tell you so. However, the vast majority of patients with missing or severely damaged teeth are great candidates.
If you choose implants, the entire procedure is planned out in great detail, using specialized software. Because we work with distortion-free, three-dimensional CT scan image, the entire surgery can be performed virtually, on screen, before any work begins.
Computer guided implant surgery has numerous befits over traditional methods:
  • Speed – Increased efficiency can reduce treatment time.
  • Accuracy – Computer planning takes the guesswork out of dental implant placement. Treatment is carefully planned to optimize results, and this plan is executed with exacting precision.
  • Conservative treatment – Due to highly detailed CT scanning, there is no guesswork. Your dentist can see the anatomical details of the bone, and choose optimal implant placement. In some cases, a bone graft can be avoided, reducing the number of oral surgeries needed.
  • Comfort – Faster, more precise, more conservative treatment results in a speedy recovery and improved patient comfort.
  • Predictable – The entire process is planned out on-screen, so potential problems can be encountered and resolved in a virtual version of the surgery. This minimizes the chance of complication or unexpected outcomes during the actual surgery.
Of course, planning is only one step in the overall implant process. We also perform the surgery and restore the implants (add teeth) right here in our complete dental implant center. In most cases, the entire process can be completed in a day, with results that last a lifetime.