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Restoring teeth for more patients with the sinus lift implant in Fremont

Beautiful Woman's SmileA dental implant is an excellent method to replace a lost tooth. However, there must be adequate bone to support the implant. Have you been told that you are not a candidate for a dental implant because of bone loss? Center for Implant Dentistry makes this tooth restoration option available to more patients, with the sinus lift implant. Fremont dentist, Dr. Sambhav Jain explains the technique.

Why is it called a sinus lift?

Maxillary sinuses are cavities in the skull on either side of the nose. They are lined with a membrane that produces mucus to keep the inside of the nose moist. Because the maxillary sinus is positioned just above the jaw, it is an important consideration when planning an upper molar dental implant. The sinus membrane must be accessed and carefully elevated. This allows space for a bone graft to supplement hard tissue at the site of the implant.

The sinus lift procedure

In the skilled, experienced hands of Dr. “Sam” Jain and his associates, Dr. Arpana Gupta and Dr. Shivani Gupta, the sinus lift procedure is very predictable.

  • Three-dimensional imaging provides a clear view, from every angle, of the sinus and jaw.
  • A small opening is made in the gum and jawbone, with minimal risk to the sinus membrane.
  • Using special instruments, the membrane is manipulated upward.
  • A collagen patch protects the membrane.
  • A bone graft is placed on the floor of the maxillary sinus. The graft may consist of bone from your own body, from a cadaver, or from a cow.
  • Soft tissue is closed with sutures.

Most patients heal quickly. Over the course of several months, bone fuses with the graft. Then placement of the dental implant can commence.

Schedule a consultation at Center for Implant Dentistry to ask Dr. Jain about his success rate with sinus lift implant services. The number in Fremont is (510) 574-0496.

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