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Where can I get a sinus augmentation procedure done near me in Fremont, CA?

A sinus augmentation, also referred to as a “sinus lift,” is a procedure that is done in order to make room in the bone for the placement of dental implants. If you have been searching for a place “near me” in Fremont, CA that offers sinus augmentation, you’ve come to the right place! Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta at the Center for Implant Dentistry encourage patients to take the time to learn about this procedure to determine whether it is appropriate for their specific situation.

The sinus cavity may be large, and depending on the structure, may interfere with the placement of dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium posts that dentists use to replace missing teeth or to help support bridges or dentures. These restorations look like screws that are placed into the jawbone and restored accordingly. However, they may interfere with the sinus cavity. In this situation, a sinus augmentation, or lift, may be desirable.

Sinus augmentation helps to make room for the placement of dental implants by pushing the sinus membrane up higher. This makes a larger space, which can help in ensuring the success of dental implant placement.

Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta of the Center for Implant Dentistry may suggest a sinus lift surgery, which can be done in one appointment. Once healed, patients will be able to have their dental implants placed. Our team can educate patients on the process of sinus augmentation and its importance in specific situations.

If you live in or around the Fremont, CA area and are interested in learning about sinus augmentation procedures “near me,” now is a great time to contact Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta and educate yourself on the advantages this procedure can provide when it comes to preparing the smile for the placement of implants. Our practice uses some of the most state-of-the-art technologies for precise treatments and advanced methodologies used to repair the smile. We can recommend alternative procedures to patients who may not otherwise be an appropriate candidate for a specific treatment and guide individuals through their restoration journey.

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