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San Jose area dentist describes sinus augmentation

San Jose area patients who are interested in having dental implants placed but have a conflict with the location of the sinus cavity can speak to Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta of the Center for Implant Dentistry about the possibility of having sinus augmentation performed.

Sinus augmentation, also referred to by some patients as a sinus lift, is a procedure that is done to add bone to the upper jaw area to make room for the placement of dental implants. This bone is added after the sinus membrane has been moved upward. This procedure should only be done by a qualified oral surgeon such as those readily available at the Center for Implant Dentistry.

The sinus lift is often done as preparation for the placement of dental implants. Dental implants are titanium restorations, which look like posts and are surgically placed into the jawbone. However, the sinus cavity and membrane may interfere with successful placement. The procedure can help increase the bone in the placement area and allow Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta to place a dental implant without harming or affecting the sinus cavity on the upper part of the jaw.

Sinus augmentation will require patients to have a series of x-rays done to check the bone structure and the placement of the sinus to determine if the procedure is necessary. Our practice is equipped with some of the latest technologies to help us provide accurate diagnostics and treatment. This includes our 3D CT scan machine, our computer-assisted surgical planning software, guided implant surgery, intraoral scanners, and computer-aided solutions. Patients in the San Jose area are excited to find out that these technologies can provide quality, comprehensive care.

If you live in the San Jose area and are interested in learning more about sinus augmentation, contact the team of the Center for Implant Dentistry. Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta are committed to assisting patients in education and teaching them about the process necessary for the placement of dental implants within their smiles.

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