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Sinus Augmentation at Center for Implant Dentistry, Fremont

Thanks a lot for taking such good care of me. Now after six months of treatment, I am happy with the four implants and new teeth that you have given me. Overall I am very happy with the treatment and for sure I saved money as my existing dentist & periodontist would have costed much more money and time. With you I did not have to go to any other place for a CT Scan or implant or crown.

- Dan Lohberger


Because dental implants are placed in the bone, sufficient structure is necessary for a successful procedure. One of the most challenging areas is the upper jaw near the sinuses. Factors such as periodontal disease and missing teeth commonly cause bone loss. As bone decreases, the size of the sinus cavity may become enlarged. Because of this, there may not be enough bone to support implants. If necessary, we will perform a sinus lift, or augmentation, to ensure the proper location of implants in the upper arch.


The sinus lift procedure may involve one of several different techniques. The intent of this surgery is to raise the sinus floor so healthy new bone tissue may grow. As with any surgical procedure, the treatment area will be numbed completely before work begins. Although patients find bone grafting and dental implant surgeries surprisingly comfortable, we offer both oral and IV sedation for those who feel anxious or fearful.
One of the most common sinus augmentation techniques exposes the bone and creates a small circle through which the cut piece of bone can be raised into the sinus cavity. Gum tissue is stitched over the area. Depending on the case, we may place the implants during the same appointment. When possible, we like to minimize the number of appointments and procedures needed. If the sinus lift will not allow us to immediately place implants, we will wait a few months for new bone to develop before scheduling implant surgery.
Sinus Lift illustration


At Center for Implant Dentistry, we take pride in the quality of our work and our outstanding success rate. Our doctors are skilled in every aspect of the dental implant process, so you will not have to visit multiple practices. This also means that your care will be seamlessly coordinated with no risk of miscommunication between offices.
Sinus augmentation improves the bone structure in the upper jaw, which helps preserve your facial contours while aiding in the stabilization of implants. Because dental implants provide the stimulation necessary to keep bone tissue healthy, it should not “melt away” again after the process is complete.
We want to help you love your smile! Call our Fremont office at (510) 574-0496 to schedule a visit.

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