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Single implant with GBR maxillary lateral incisor Fremont, CA

Single implant with GBR maxillary lateral incisor

60 year old lady, referred for implant placement in the maxillary right lateral incisor region. Favourable IHB, horizontal bone & soft tissue defect Seibert’s Class 1. Ridge width at the crest 2.5mm, with a concave profile apically, thereby precluding ridge expansion and splitting. Implant placed against the palatal plate after tapping to prevent the push of the plate, and the resultant dehiscence was about 7-8 mm. Grafted using Autogenous chips as the first layer on the implant, followed by an Alloplast putty, and a pericardium membrane before achieving tension free primary closure. The last pictures are of 1 year follow up ( which was almost a year ago)


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