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San Jose, CA, patients ask, “Is there a center for dental implants near me?”

I have been doing my research and have gone to many dentists but nobody took as much time as Dr. Jain in explaining to me the various treatment options for my missing teeth. His pricing is also good so I opted for the treatment on the first visit. Doctor and other staff checked my vital signs and did the surgery under sedation and put four screws (implants) in my lower jaw bone. Surgery was not too bad. Staff was nice they gave me a blanket, yogurt, and juice. Next visit they gave me artificial teeth and nobody in my office knows that they are not real teeth. Now I can smile fully without hiding it. Looking forward to getting new permanent teeth in six months. Thanks, Dr. Jain and his Staff.

- Kevin W.


If you’ve recently lost a tooth, or several teeth, you likely know that you’ll have many decisions to make in the near future. Because replacing a missing tooth is critical to the health of your mouth, most dentists recommend replacing the missing tooth as soon as possible. The first decision you’ll have to make is how to replace the tooth. Dentures, bridge and crown appliances, and dental implants are all popular options.

Many patients opt for dental implants because they are a “set it and forget it” solution that looks, feels, and functions most like the original tooth. If you’re considering dental implants you likely know that you have several choices. Many general dentists will place the implants. However, much like we opt for specialists in medical care decisions, patients can also turn to dental implant specialists. “Is there a center for dental implants near me?” asks many San Jose, CA patients.

The answer: Yes!

The Center for Implant Dentistry is a premier dental group led by Dr. Sambhav (Sam) Jain who are committed to providing excellence in dental implant care for their patients. The practice of dental implants has revolutionized modern dentistry and it continues to change frequently. Dr. Jain and his team are committed to not only staying informed about new advances in technology or procedures, they’re part of the progress in the field.

At the Center for Implant Dentistry, the entire team is committed to providing excellence in care to their patients. It starts with making the patient feel comfortable, answering all of his or her questions, providing sound advice, and earning his or her trust. That commitment continues through the entire process as they use state-of-the art technology and advanced practices to offer a faster and more effective approach to implant treatment.

In most dental offices, the implant procedure can last several months and require several visits to the dentist. At the Center for Implant Dentistry, the entire procedure can often be completed in a single visit. For more information about the Center for Implant Dentistry, call our office today.

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