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Referring Dentist/Doctors

I had unique and positive experience with dental implants over the last couple of years.

Initially,I had full lower mandibular acrylic denture with partial failure in less than a year that was happily restored by my attending dentists.

The limitation of the plastic components used resulted in some outward protrusion of the denture resulting in minor discomfort as I was always conscious that something foreign was in my mouth;the other drawback was the challenge was how to maintain good dental hygiene.Because of the above situation and the recent availability of the hybrid zirconium implant,I opted to go for it and with its many superior advantages.It had only been a few days and I hardly notice that there is something foreign in my mouth.

All the dentists in the office are dedicated and do the best job.In one instance they stayed with me till close to midnight to complete the procedure.

I highly recommend for their skill and dedication.

- J Bal,MD


Dear Dental Colleague,
Because of my passion for implant dentistry and years of experience, I might be able to assist you with some of your implant complications. I run a dental implant center in Fremont, CA with two full-time associates. All of our doctors are ACLS certified and trained in emergency medicine. Patients are treated under oral or IV sedation with proper monitoring. Understanding that our field is constantly evolving, our team remains at the forefront of implantology through continual training.
Our center is equipped with CAT scan technology, digital implant planning software, and a CAD/CAM system for in-house milling of custom zirconium abutments, implant crowns, and bridges. A CT-based in-house implant fabrication guide is coming soon. The emphasis of our practice is complete implant dentistry, including the lab component, under one roof. This helps us maintain complete control over the entire implant treatment process.
Our insistence on the most advanced equipment and our commitment to excellence enable us to enjoy an extraordinarily high implant success rate. We’ve had very good success with the biologics and blood derived growth factors. We work cautiously, with a great deal of thought, and we over-engineer treatment. We believe in performing surgical care with the greatest attention to detail the first time.
I am a GP just like you and believe that every GP should be able to perform implant treatment in his or her office on a regular basis. It should not be a turf-limited discipline. Those who have obtained more training should be giving back to our dental community by helping an aspiring colleague, as we should never forget that somebody helped us at some point to get to where we are today.
We have helped many of our local dental colleagues with their implant complications. We enjoy the challenge as it forces us to think outside of the box. We may be able to assist you in the following situations:
  • Failing implants/abscess
  • Recession/deficient soft tissue
  • Poorly positioned implant
  • Poor implant cosmetics
  • Fractured abutment screw/fractured implant
  • Difficult extractions/incomplete extractions
  • Abscessed front tooth that needs an immediate implant and temporary tooth
  • Sinus perforations/failed sinus lift
  • Patient needing same-day full arch extractions and immediate hybrid prosthesis
  • Pre-op CT or Post-op CT scans to assess a suspected complication and above all for a second opinion.
  • Paresthesia cases require the following: immediate CT and removal of the implant. The patient should be sent to UCSF for nerve repair or a nerve graft.


Some dentists utilize our services when they do not have experience with implant placement or they encounter especially challenging cases that they don’t feel confident treating. Dentistry should not be a competitive field. We are all here to improve the lives of patients, and helping each other excel is a great benefit to the profession and the public in general. If you encounter a problem or difficult case, we are here to help.