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Dental Hygiene/Periodontal Health at Center for Implant Dentistry, Fremont CA

I love this place from the day I walked in a month ago these people have made me feel comfortable and have built my confidence up so much already and I just started my journey... Ps Dr. Jain is the bomb he is doing magic on my implant so far

- Dineah T.


The team at Center for Implant Dentistry is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service and quality of care. We believe in the value of patient education and understand its importance in helping each patient achieve optimal oral health. When you visit us for routine dental care, we will help you understand your individual dental needs and develop a hygiene routine that keeps your smile sparkling and healthy.


Teeth checkup at dentistWhen you think of oral care, you probably think of teeth brushing and possibly flossing. There are, however, other important structures and tissues in your mouth. Gum health is often overlooked but it is vital to your overall health and the longevity of your teeth and dental restorations. We offer periodontal cleanings and gum disease treatment to patients from Fremont and surrounding areas, helping them manage their oral and systemic health.


Routine brushing and flossing are the best way to minimize your risk of gum disease. Even with diligent oral hygiene, however, it can be easy to miss small crevices on and around the teeth, especially at the gum line. If gum disease is present, weakened tissue pulls away from the teeth. This allows deep pockets to form. Bacteria that accumulate in these pockets, called periodontal pockets, are impossible to reach with a toothbrush.
Root planing, or deep cleaning, is a gentle procedure that removes plaque and tartar buildup and polishes the root surface. This procedure can halt the progression of gum disease and may reverse minor damage done to tooth surfaces. It is important to see your dentist if you notice your gums bleed easily or appear puffy and discolored, as these are typically the first signs of gingivitis.


Early detection of any type of cancer facilitates the most successful treatment. This screening process is a part of our routine examination. With today’s advanced medical technology, we have the ability to detect and pinpoint a potential problem long before it would be visible to the naked eye. This allows us to address the issue before irreversible damage has been done. Using ultraviolet light to detect abnormalities, our cancer screening is fast, comfortable, and accurate.
You can reduce your risk of developing oral cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices. Smoking and heavy drinking should be avoided. We encourage patients who smoke to schedule frequent screenings for oral cancer.
Although our practice is centered on dental implant solutions, we offer a full range of comprehensive dental care, including cosmetic, restorative, and preventive services. Call (510) 574-0496 to schedule your appointment today.