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What Is The Difference Between All-On-4 Dental Implants And Regular Dental Implants?

With advancements in Dentistry, people no longer opt to suffer from missing teeth. They choose the solution that best fits them and proceed to replace their missing teeth. There are different ways one can replace the missing teeth. It can be the usual traditional dental implants which has been there for years. Otherwise, All on four Dental implants can be the other best option. Dental implants works so quick that people walk into a dental office and walk out with new teeth the very same day. Your dentist will be able to examine and tell you which device will best match you.


All-on-four Dental Implants in San Jose

Unlike traditional implants, All on four implants can be implanted even in thinner bones. Some may requires lesser bone grafting before placing their new teeth. Also, it is narrower when compared to the traditional dental implants.With All on four dental implant treatment, you don’t have to frequently visit your dental office. All on four just needs four titanium rods to get fixed permanently to your jaw bone. Some patients may require up to six, depending upon the condition. It is considered to be less invasive when compared to other types of implants. Traditional dental implants may require more implants to cover the entire arch of teeth. So if the patient wants to replace both upper and the lower teeth, traditional implants may take around 20 implants. The cost of All on four is also significantly lesser than the traditional implants because the healing time is lesser and therefore reduces your appointments for after care. As for the regular dental implants, the treatment period may take more than a year and may cost you accordingly.

At Center for Implant Dentistry, We provide All on four treatment in San Jose which has helped many of our patients retain their smile back. Our implant specialist are experienced in performing all on four treatment in a successful way. The All on 4 implant cost is very much affordable and it is quite worthy too. If you are looking for All on four dental implant in San Jose, Contact us @ (510) 574-0496.

All on Four Dental Implants-Complete Oral Rehabilitation for All

All on four dental implants serves as a complete Oral Rehabilitation to those suffering from teeth loss. It is simply an incredible technology which enables placing a complete arch of teeth. It is such a relief when you can get back your lost teeth. You can regain your beautiful smile and eat all your favorite foods which you have been avoiding for long.


All on 4 San Jose

Oral Rehabilitation through All on four dental implants can be a great option because these implants are directly attached to your jaw bone and stays like your permanent teeth. It functions and appears like the natural teeth and makes no big difference. Unlike removal dentures, you don’t have to worry about the fit or slipping out. All on four is a great solution to those who want to replace the entire arch of teeth.

Due to various dental issues, people lose their teeth. The major culprit is the periodontal disease when it comes to tooth loss. Sometimes it may just be an inflammation of the gums or it may even be severe tooth damage. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes and certain medications may lead to periodontal disease. All on four dental implants serve as a minimally invasive method which adds stability to your jawbone. It helps by stopping any further loss to the jawbone. Mostly people who suffer from the periodontal disease are the ones who are referred for All on four implants. It has created a great revolution in the field of implantology and has made oral rehabilitation much easier for people under all age groups suffering from a periodontal disease or tooth loss.

At Center for Implant Dentistry, we have experts for All on four dental implants in San Jose. We give you the best and affordable all on four implants cost in San Jose.

If you are looking for All on four treatment in San Jose, Kindly visit our dental office located @ 3381 Walnut Ave. Fremont, CA 94538.

All on Four Dental Implants to Help You Regain Your Smile

It is definitely amazing to get permanent teeth again, which sets everything back in your life. Most importantly, regaining your smile can be quite exciting. With missing teeth, People feel are conscious to even smile or socialize in public. It makes their self-esteem go low and has a heavy impact on their level of confidence.


Gaining your teeth back can lead to a wonderful change and helps you present yourself more confidently among your friends and family. Also, you don’t have to strain on your chewing habits and let go your favorite food. You can eat all that you have been missing and lead a normal life again.

Gone are the days of removable dentures! All on four dental implants has now become the best solution for the problems faced by wearing the removable dentures. There are many reason people are opting for All on four dental implants. Before, implants were used to replace a missing tooth. But now, you can place a whole arch teeth through All on four dental implants. It functions just like the permanent teeth and you don’t have to worry much about any discomfort. It is just like you are back with stronger and safer teeth again. Unlike the removable dentures, you don’t have to be cautious about them and it lets you feel free and comfortable. All on four implants looks natural and hard to be identified that they are implants. So, they can be hardly noticed or even identified by anyone around you.

Wearing removable dentures can be a great discomfort, if the fit is not perfect. It may even hurt you if the device is tightly fitted. Also, loose dentures may also be a constraint while you chew your food. All on four dental implants are directly fixed on your jaw bone and it fits so much like your natural teeth. It has its own advantages like, it retains the jaw bone from loss and gives a quality appearance to your face. If you are looking for All on four Dental implants in San Jose, we at Center for Implant Dentistry can give you the best treatment and complete satisfaction. We understand the value of a healthy and smile and are dedicated to provide the same to our patients. Our All on 4 clinic in San Jose has implant specialist who can treat you for All on four dental implants.

Dentist in San Jose offers complete All on 4 solution

Patients prefer All on 4 dental implants for the comfort it provides, it also gives a permanent solution for teeth loss and functions like a natural teeth. With All on 4 implants, you don’t have to be cautious about what you eat.


All on 4 San Jose

Be it hot or cold, you can freely follow your regular eating habits. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to be worried about slipping while you eat or talk. Because of its natural appearance, no one will be able to identify it as implants.

At Center for Implant Dentistry, We provide you with the best treatment for All on 4 in San Jose. It is one of the most convenient way to replace your missing teeth. All on 4 implant costs $14,990 per jaw and your permanent teeth can be fixed in 3 to 5 days. Our dental office has experts for All on 4 treatment in San Jose, who can give you an exceptional experience by their treatment.

If you reside in the San Jose area and suffering from teeth loss, you can visit our dental office and consult our dental implant specialist to discuss the details about the treatment.

You can also call us @ (510) 574–0496 to know more details about All on 4 dental implants in San Jose.

Tips To Find the Best Dental Implant Specialist

It is quite advantageous to restore a missing tooth. You will feel like, you are restoring everything you really wanted. Be it your beauty or your comfort of chewing, with dental implanting, you get all that back. It functions so much like a natural tooth that you will almost forget, you did a dental implant.


It brings back to you a lot of confidence. The success of a dental implant solely lies in the hands of an experienced dental implant specialist in San Jose. So, it is very vital to choose the right specialist for your treatment. There are few factors to be kept in mind while finding the best dental implant specialist and they are as follows:

Experience counts! Check out the experience of your dentist, in implant dentistry. Only an experienced implant dentist will be able to give that perfection in your dental implant treatment. Also, check whether your dentist has been educated on implant dentistry. Though it is a fundamental quality, it is also good to check if he is a licensed dentist.

It is wise to choose the dentist who offers you a titanium dental implant because it is a metal which lasts for a longer period. Though it is not seen outside, it is important when you consider the longevity of your dental implant. You can also check for the warranty period. See that you get the one with a longer warranty period.

If someone among your friends or family have done a dental implant, then you can check for their feedbacks about their dentist. If they give you a positive feedback, you can try the same dentist for your dental implant treatment. You can also check for testimony and feedbacks on affordable all on four dental implants in various sites online. This leads you to a better understanding and helps you with clarity to make the right decision.

At Prestige Dental group, we provide a complete solution for implant dentistry in Fremont. Our dentists are highly experienced in delivering the best implant dentistry. We are known to provide an affordable all on four dental implants Sanjose, which will benefit you with great quality and satisfaction. We will be happy to assist you in your journey to restore your smile back!

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