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How is the all on 4 implants procedure carried out?

In the past, when dentists treated patients with loss of teeth in the upper arch or lower arch, they used to provide patients with dentures. Traditional dentures can make your eating tedious and removing difficult. They are also mostly ill-fitted and can be wobbly. All on 4 dental implants is the best solution for the replacement of your teeth.


Unlike dentures, dental implants give you a feel of natural teeth. Normal dental implants require more implants for an entire arch, while all on 4 uses only 4 implants. Whereas dentures require removal periodically, all on 4 implants are permanent.

The procedure involved in all on 4 implants are as follows:

  • Before they start the treatment, the dentist will learn about your oral health and medical treatments you have undergone previously. The dentist will also thoroughly explain the procedure of all on 4 to you.
  • Next, they will carry out CT scans and dental X- rays to evaluate your bone strength. Since in all on 4, the implants are placed at an angle in your jaw bone, you don’t need a bone grafting.
  • With the help of specialized software, they will be able to decide the precise location for fitting the implant in your jaw.
  • After you are sedated, they will fit the implants made of titanium in your jaw bone through the gum. This will form a root-like support for the bridge or denture to be placed. Once implants are placed, your bite impression will be taken for preparation of the dentures that will be placed that day.
  • Next, a temporary denture will be fitted which will feel like real teeth. The implants that are placed in your jaw bone require 3 to 6 months to heal. After it heals, the permanent denture will be fitted which is stronger and comfortable. The permanent denture will be prepared from your bite impression. Dentures are made of acrylic or porcelain. Porcelain dentures are more like natural teeth’s appearance and color.

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Know About All-On-4 Dental Implants

All on four dental implants are quite a relief for those who wanted to replace the entire arch of teeth. Dealing with missing teeth can be tough, as it can be an obstacle for so many things in one’s life. All on four dental implants is considered by so many as an ideal solution. It is said to be an effective solution for complete restoration of the entire arch of teeth in a short period of time.


Unlike other replacement methods, the main advantage of All on four treatment is, bone grafting is not required. Also, the healing time involved with All on four treatment is quite quick. All on four dental implants helps to save the jaw bone from further deterioration. With so many benefits, All on four has now become quite popular among people looking for teeth replacement.

All on four treatment — Procedure

To check on the patient’s suitability for All on four treatment, your dentist will do a thorough evaluation which will include bone density measurement, getting impressions, CT scans, and X-rays. The procedure for placing All on four dental implants include four implants which will support the entire arch of replacement teeth. After assessing the patient, the dentist will proceed to perform the surgery for All on four dental implants.

Why All on four?

All on four is a high-end technology in cosmetic dentistry which serves as a permanent replacement for the entire arch of teeth. These dental implants entirely match both the structure and the appearance of natural teeth. It appears so natural that it is difficult for someone to identify them as implants. All on four dental implants act as a natural tooth, as they are fitted into your jaw bone.

It functions as a strong foundation for the replacement teeth. Getting permanent teeth with All on four not only facilitates routine activities like eating and speaking but also helps to main the structure of the face. All on four dental implants make you feel more confident and gives a spectacular transformation to one’s appearance.

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Why All-On-4 Dental Implants Beat Other Dental Solutions

Getting New Teeth gives you Confidence

It feels wonderful to get new teeth again if you have been missing your teeth for a longer period. It just sets everything back on the track. And the most significant part is, you get back your smile that you have ever wished for. It becomes quite a stress to deal with missing teeth, especially when you have to socialize.


Also, it becomes quite a task to eat your favorite food. You end up losing your confidence and gives a heavy impact on your self-esteem. Gaining new teeth gives a tremendous transformation and helps you regain your confidence. Getting back on your favorite eat outs can be exciting too.

All on four dental implants

Gone long are the days of people opting for removable dentures in place of their missing teeth. All on four dental implants are now the latest optimal solution for those suffering from missing teeth. For various reasons, people prefer All on four dental implants. With All on four treatment, the whole arch of teeth on both the jaws can be replaced. Unlike removable dentures, there is no discomfort and the implants function very much like natural teeth. You will feel that you are back with stronger and permanent teeth. You need not worry about slipping, as these implants are fit directly into your jawbone. All on 4 implants matches the natural look of the original teeth, so it is difficult to get identified as implants.

With dentures, there can be discomfort, if the fit is not perfect. At times the dentures may even hurt you if the fit is either tight or loose. It also becomes a major constraint while you eat your food. All on four dental implants gives a perfect fit like your natural teeth, as it is fixed directly to your jawbone. The main advantage of All on four implants is that it helps to preserve your jawbone from further deterioration. And the appearance it gives is a class apart!

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Do All On Four Dental Implants Give Better Result Than Traditional Implants?

All on four implants — Effective & Simple

All on four dental implants has made quite a revolution by replacing the missing teeth, for those who did not get the desired results from the traditional dental implants or dentures. The advantage of this procedure is that it just requires four dental implants per jaw to firmly fix the entire arch of teeth. This advanced cosmetic dentistry has enabled a lot of people to get a confident smile again.


The all on four dental implants involves a procedure where the implants are placed on one single day. It is a simple and effective solution for those who are suffering from missing one or more teeth due to various dental issues like fractured or decayed teeth. With innovative and progressive dental technology, these implants are easily made to fit in the mouth. Also, the main advantage is, bone grafting is not required. All on 4 dental implants has been opted by many patients, as they are found to be majorly successful.

All on four Dental Implants vs Traditional Implants

Traditional implants involve extraction of decayed teeth, after which 4 months of recovery time is given. Until then, patients are made to wear artificial teeth. They have to again wait for more than a year until they are ready to have implants. After complete recovery of the sites where the tooth has been extracted, the maxillary sinuses will necessarily have to undergo grafting. And that’s the reason sinus lift surgery is also done synchronously.

However, traditional implants can be placed, when a patient completes more than 6 to 9 months after the sinus lift surgery. At an average, it may take up to a year to place the implants after the tooth extractions. About 8 to 10 traditional implants may be required in both the jaws to fix permanent teeth. In this way, by both cost and time, all on four is considered to be more comfortable and effective. And that’s the reason it has become the most preferred choice to replace missing teeth.

At Center for Implant Dentistry, we have all on four implant specialist who can retain your teeth to get you that gorgeous smile on your face. We assure you a pleasing environment, which has patiently friendly staffs to assist you.

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All on 4 Dental Implants – Get New Teeth in Just five days!

What if you get an entire arch of new teeth replaced in just five days? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Patients in need of dental implants keep visiting from one office to another for various appointments which prolongs the entire treatment period. Also, those residing in remote locations, look out in the metropolitan cities for getting treated.


This becomes more inconvenient and time-consuming. The surgery for All-on-four dental implants can be completed in just five days. It is an ideal solution for those looking for a fixed denture. Only four dental implants are used for placing a fixed denture. This enables a quick healing time and also helps in retaining the jaw bone from further deterioration. With proper resources and staffs, the All-on-four treatment can be completed in five days.

All-on-four treatment in San Jose is a high-end dental implant technology that matches the natural structure of your teeth. It is a permanent replacement that functions just like your natural teeth. You can forget all the distress caused by your missing teeth and welcome your new teeth in just five days. The All-on-four dental implants are organically placed right into your jaw bone just like the roots of your natural teeth. It feels great to be back with stronger teeth, as it sets you free and confident than before. It brings a wonderful transformation to your life. The appearance of All on four dental implants looks very much like natural teeth, that it becomes highly rare for anyone to identify them to be implants. This sets you free from being conscious about them. Also, the All on four implants makes you feel secure and comfortable when compared to removable dentures. You can eat anything you like and speak freely without any fear of slipping.

At Center for Implant Dentistry, the All-on-four implant cost is affordable and trustworthy. We have well-experienced implant specialist who can perform All on four in San Jose. If you are looking for All on four dental implants in San Jose, you can contact us @ (510) 574-0496.