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Visiting a sedation dentist in San Francisco

At the Center for Implant Dentistry, we work with patients who are concerned about visiting the dentist. It is common for us to work with individuals who have dental anxiety, which is why we offer ways to reduce it and ensure patients have a positive dental experience. This is why our team offers sedation dentistry. Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta can use sedation dentistry to put patients at ease and allow them to feel relaxed in our office.

A sedation dentist is a dentist who offers one or more methods of sedation for patients who are prone to dental anxiety. At our practice, we use nitrous oxide for patients with mild anxieties. For those with more severe anxieties, we may suggest oral conscious sedation, which is a stronger sedative. Before patients come to the dentist, they take their medication, which will make them feel very relaxed. They are transported to the dental office for their appointment during which they will be awake and coherent. They can follow instructions, answer questions, and use the bathroom. We monitor patients during their appointments and then they are sent home to rest, they will have with little to no recollection of the visit.

Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta are dedicated to ensuring patients have a positive experience at the dental office, and many times this requires the assistance of sedation. If you want to learn more about sedation for dental visits, contact the Center for Implant Dentistry today to book an appointment with our professional staff. We can discuss the various possibilities and educate patients on how they can improve their dental health and wellness by eliminating the fears that may keep them from getting appropriate dental care on a regular basis. Oral conscious sedation may be used for extensive appointments such as complete smile makeovers or even for simple cleanings and examinations, depending on the patients’ needs.

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