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Calming dental anxiety when receiving dental implants in Fremont

Dental implants are quickly becoming one of the most popular tooth replacement options across the United States. They offer several advantages to patients such as giving them the confidence to eat their favorite foods, smile brightly, and speak clearly. Furthermore, they provide greater stability than many other replacement options and the procedure is typically very simple. At the Center for Implant Dentistry, our doctors can place the implant and secure the replacement tooth in a single appointment.

While the procedure is simple and we are leaders in the field of implant dentistry, many patients are initially apprehensive about the procedure. We will take the time to explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. However, some patients still find themselves fearful about any dental procedure.

For those patients, we offer dental sedation to calm their anxiety. With dental sedation, patients remain awake but deeply relaxed. The medication can be administered several ways. The first option is via a pill that is taken before the visit. This gives time for the medication to take effect; however, patients should be sure not to drive when under the effects of oral sedation. Oral sedation is a great solution for patients who have mild to moderate anxiety.

Another option is IV sedation. This is typically used for patients with severe anxiety. While the medication can’t be taken ahead of time, it takes effect quickly and immediately, and the level of sedation can be monitored during the procedure.

Once the medication has taken effect, patients will feel calm, and the anxiety over the appointment will lift away. Patients are awake enough to be able to respond to requests and answer questions, although many don’t remember the appointment at all.

We urge patients not to give up their oral health dreams due to fear or anxiety. Instead, they can achieve the smile they want with the use of dental sedation. For more information, call the Center for Implant Dentistry today.

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