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Multiple Dental Implants Fremont | Center for Implant Dentistry

I love this place from the day I walked in a month ago these people have made me feel comfortable and have built my confidence up so much already and I just started my journey... Ps Dr. Jain is the bomb he is doing magic on my implant so far

- - Dineah T.


The impact of missing teeth can be enormous. In our office, we seek to provide men and women with the solutions to tooth loss they need. Our dentists have focused their careers on implant dentistry. Their level of expertise equates to the highest degree of accuracy and, ultimately, the best possible outcome in tooth replacement.

When there are multiple teeth missing in the smile, dental implants from your Fremont specialist can help you regain confidence. Dental implants may be used to support a bridge, or placed individually to replace missing teeth in different areas of the mouth. Discovering if dental implant treatment is right for you is as easy as visiting our office for a private consultation.

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced in a few different ways. A dentist may design a dental bridge, or a removable partial denture. These options may be effective for some, or for a short time. The only way to achieve lasting function, however, is with dental implant treatment. A conventional partial denture is attached to adjacent healthy teeth using metal clasps, which are often visible. The clasps are necessary to stabilize the denture, but they have a negative impact on anchor teeth, causing undue stress that increases the risk of tooth fracture. Ultimately, the problems that can occur in natural anchor teeth, over time, can lead to the need for their removal.

Because a partial removable denture rests on gum tissue, a secondary problem occurs. Gradually, continually, bone tissue beneath the gums erodes in the absence of roots. The effect, eventually, on the face, is significant, with cheeks and lips sinking in.

With dental implants, multiple teeth can be replaced in such a way that no stress is placed on natural teeth. Sitting within the jawbone, rather than on top of gums, implants also prevent the degeneration of bone tissue. Implants look and feel just like natural teeth, and they function in much the same way, providing vital stimulation to the bone that supports healthy facial contours.

The success rate of dental implants over 48 years is 97 percent. This is far greater than any tooth replacement treatment to date. Whether you need to have a single tooth replaced, multiple teeth, or stability for your denture appliance, our implant specialists have the expertise you can count on. Contact Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont for a one-on-one consultation with your implant specialist.

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