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Multiple Teeth Implants at Center for Implant Dentistry, Fremont

Dr Jain & Dr Gupta are wonderful. They explain the implant procedure using models & diagrams. They answer all your questions. They put you at ease and you feel comfortable. They are upfront with every detail, each step, costs, time involved. They have convenient office hours for working adults. Their followup care is superb!

- Linda L



In order for the smile to be truly healthy and beautiful, we need all of our teeth. Teeth not only support healthy digestion, but also benefit the smile and the facial contours. If there are spaces left by missing teeth, it is possible that surrounding teeth will lean or drift. This creates not only cosmetic problems, but also encourages bacterial activity in these small spaces, posing a significant risk to oral health.
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Today, dental implants are viewed as the most efficient way to replace teeth that have been lost or extracted. Only dental implants can replace the missing roots, and only implants can last a lifetime with proper care. At Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, CA, Bay Area residents can reap the benefits of excellent care tailored to their exact needs. With implants, we can replace just one tooth, multiple teeth, or stabilize dentures for those who have no remaining natural teeth. Under our care, you can restore a natural look and feel to your smile.
The problem of multiple missing teeth was once handled with a dental bridge. The problem with this approach is that two healthy teeth must be altered in order to anchor the artificial tooth or teeth. The healthy, stable alternative to dental bridge treatment is dental implants.
Whether several teeth are missing in a central location in the mouth, or empty spaces are scattered, the placement of implants is a wonderful solution. The way multiple implants are placed is the same as single ones. Pre-planning begins with computer imaging, which shows us exactly where to situate implants within the jawbone. The procedure is made more efficient and faster with computer guidance.
When placing multiple implants, your dentist will apply local anesthetic to numb the area. Sedation may also be administered as discussed during your initial consultation. Although the overall goal of implant treatment is to restore the most natural oral structure, we remain vigilant in our commitment to patient comfort throughout the treatment process. As directed by our innovative technology, openings are carefully created in the areas where implants will be located. Implant fixtures and posts are placed, and gum tissue is closed over the area, which will require a few months to heal.
The healing phase for multiple implants is the same as for single implant placement. Over a few months, bone tissue will fuse around implants. After this process of integration, we expose the individual implants and affix their permanent restorations. At the end of this second visit, your smile will look and feel so natural that you may not even notice a difference!
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