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San Jose, CA, patients ask, “Is there a dental implant dentist near me?”

I love this place from the day I walked in a month ago these people have made me feel comfortable and have built my confidence up so much already and I just started my journey... Ps Dr. Jain is the bomb he is doing magic on my implant so far

- Dineah T.


Contrary to what the name suggests, the permanent teeth we get during childhood are often not permanent. Instead these teeth can be lost for any number of reason to patients of any age, gender, or ethnicity. For some a lost tooth is caused by some sort of accident or trauma – a fall, a car accident, an errant baseball during a Little League game. For others it’s caused by tooth decay or gum disease.

Regardless of the reason, losing a tooth can be traumatic. If it’s a front tooth patients are worried about how the missing tooth makes them look. If it’s a molar, or a back tooth, there is concern over being able to eat their favorite foods. In addition to these concerns, patients should also be aware that a missing tooth can cause other oral health problems, such as causing teeth to shift or allowing the face to droop because of the lack of support in the mouth.

For patients who want a secure and stable replacement tooth that will function and look much like their original tooth, dental implants are a great option. Not only is the implant durable and natural looking, it’s a nearly permanent solution. Unlike dentures which are placed in and out of the mouth daily, the implant resides inside the jawbone and the replacement tooth can be permanently secured to it.

Finding a dentist you trust to place your dental implant is important. In fact many patients in the San Jose, CA, area call the Center for Implant Dentistry office asking if there’s a dental implant dentist available near their location. We’re pleased to say, yes! Our office, led by Dr. Sambhav Jain, offers specialized dental implant dentists who are skilled and experienced in providing dental implants.

We focus strictly on implants which allows us to deepen our knowledge and be leaders in the field of dental implants. While many dentists follow a procedure that takes several months, we have the expertise and the technology to shorten the timeline to a single visit.

For more information about dental implants, call our office today.

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