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Fremont area dentist offers the best implant dentistry solutions in the area

Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta at the Center for Implant Dentistry believe in offering patients in the Fremont area the best in implant dentistry. Restoring the smile with implants is a permanent way to address missing teeth. It is highly recommended by dental professionals for patients who want a no-fuss way to repair their smiles after teeth have been extracted or lost.

Dental implants have grown in popularity over the years because of their permanency and versatility. Not only can they be used to replace a single tooth, but they have been utilized for denture stabilization as well. Patients can have their dental implants placed into the jawbone, solidified through osseointegration, and restored with crowns, bridges, or dentures. The method of restoration will vary depending on the needs of the patient.

Our implant dentistry team will suggest that patients book a consultation appointment first with our professionals. We can provide a physical examination and take x-rays to see if patients are appropriate candidates for the procedure. Patients are required to have sufficient bone for successful placement. Alternatives may be considered, or patients can speak to our team about bone grafting to build up the jaw and make it more appropriate for placement of a dental implant.

If you are seeking a dentist to repair your smile after tooth loss, visiting the Center for Implant Dentistry can introduce you to three dedicated professionals who have the experience and training necessary to offer top quality work. Our team provides complete implant dentistry under one roof, eliminating the need to be referred to other professionals who strictly place implants and do not restore them or maintain them. Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta participate in regular continuing education classes, which are important for staying on top of the cutting edge technology and advanced methods of treatment. This allows us to pass the benefits of this knowledge and state-of-the-art services on to our patients. We offer a “one stop shop” with not only implant dentistry but general and cosmetic dentistry services. Call us today to book a consultation appointment.

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