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Modern Implant Dentistry at Center for Implant Dentistry, Fremont

I am so grateful that the family was able to take me immediately after I broke off a front tooth. They did such a marvelous job with the implant work that I was able to take a 4 day train trip soon after.

- Tom Coroneos


At Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, CA, we provide modern implant dentistry. Some of the differences that make our practice stand out from others include:

Smiling woman lying in a dental chairTREATMENT IS SWIFT

We have three full time implantologists who are trained in complete implant dentistry and our office is fully equipped with all the technology necessary to complete every phase of care. Where other practices may complete implant treatment over several months or years, our practice keeps an inventory of all vital components and is equipped with the diagnostic tools we need to plan and perform implant surgery promptly  sometimes on the same day as your consultation.


Due to the level of training and expertise our dentists have, it is often possible to have all recommended procedures performed in a single visit. For instance, we can insert dental implants and their restorations immediately after tooth extraction. When an adjunct treatment such as a sinus lift is needed, this too can be combined with the insertion of implants, minimizing your time in the dental chair.


The implant process can be completed far more quickly than traditional therapies in most cases. A patient may be able to walk into our office with broken tooth, or no tooth at all, and walk out with an implant and crown the same day. The entire procedure can often be performed without incisions or stitches. Even more appealing is the fact that no further disruption must occur in order to complete treatment.
With the traditional method, three surgeries and a lengthy process are necessary:
First surgery  Extraction, and bone grafting if necessary
Several months are needed for healing. Second surgery ” Implant placement
Implants sit beneath the gums for several months in order to achieve full stabilization. Third surgery  Uncovering the implant
One or two months pass while the site heals yet again. Finally, after up to a year of healing, the final restoration can be placed onto the stabilized dental implant.


In most cases, our dentists can arrange for the entire process  ” placement of implants, abutments, and restorations ” to be completed in a single procedure. The crown, bridge, or denture that is affixed to implants is only temporary but the need to live without full oral function is eliminated. Once complete healing has occurred, final restorations can be placed and cared for just like natural teeth.


The implant surgery performed by our extensively trained dentists often requires no incisions at all. If incisions are necessary, they are very minimal and do not cause trauma to gum tissue. Surgical procedures performed in our office are guided by computer technology, alleviating guesswork and improving the predictability of care.

  • Our state-of-the-art imaging allows us to see vital structures such as nerve bundles and the sinus cavity, leading to the highest degree of precision in our work.
  • As an alternative to the dental drill, we have chosen a more conservative method of piezo technology for procedures that involve hard tissue.
  • Microscopic surgical loupes enlarge our view of the surgical field and greatly enhance overall accuracy.


The various techniques employed by our dentists add up to a less traumatic, more successful procedure. During and after the insertion of implants, even with an adjunct procedure such as a sinus lift or bone graft, patient comfort remains very high.
Our office has been licensed to perform IV sedation, which enables patients to rest comfortably throughout their implant procedure.


We take our time as we perform various dental procedures. Recognizing the importance of small details, we carefully select every aspect of implant care, from the length and diameter of implants to the number of posts we recommend for optimal comfort and function. Care is performed only as needed. More does not mean better when it comes to dental implant treatment. Using growth factors, precision techniques, and expert planning, we help each patient regain the smile they may have thought was lost forever.


More is involved in the reconstruction of your smile than replacing teeth that have been lost or extracted. Our techniques are gentle on gum tissue, promoting healthy regeneration and plumpness that further enhance the natural appearance of implants and their lifelike restorations.


We have precise 3D imaging equipment that we use for pre-operative and post-operative analysis. This technology also guides our surgical process, showing us structures in the operative area in real time. This power to see in 3D has a significant impact on the outcome of implant surgery as it allows us to ascertain exactly where and in what position to place individual implants. In our office, performing CT scans is an example of the standard of care to which we subscribe.


Because we complete every phase of implant care ” planning, the surgical procedure, and follow up ” we have an excellent understanding of dental implant treatment as a whole. Dentists who perform only the surgical phase or only the restorative phase of implant treatment are limited, whereas we see patients through all of the necessary steps. Through years of experience, we have been able to identify what works and what doesn’t. Continual feedback and adjustments have given us the best opportunity to serve each patient with our advanced skills.


Continuing education is the engine of our successful implant practice. Learning never stops, no matter how knowledgeable a person is at any given moment. We are constantly educating ourselves through personal mentorship, focused courses, and other avenues.
We collaborate with colleague dentists on complicated cases
We believe in sharing knowledge and helping fellow dentists with difficult cases and complications. We enjoy the challenge and try to learn from it. Correcting complications is a very powerful tool towards becoming a better implantologist.


Our doctors continuously undergo training on the management of medical emergencies, which is well above the required standards of dental licensing. Certified in advanced cardiac life support, our doctors have taken advanced classes for 12 lead EKG interpretation, airway management, and emergency drugs. Committed to the utmost in care for our patients, we have equipped each of our operatories with the necessary emergency medical equipment.
We are happy to help you regain oral health and a confident smile with the latest dental techniques. Call the Center for Implant Dentistry at (510) 574-0496

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