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Implants & Fixed Full Upper/Lower Teeth at Center for Implant Dentistry, Fremont

My wife found Dr. Jain in a newspaper ad. We came in for a consultation. We got to see how some of the work looked, which made us interested in it . I got a total of 18 implants, 10 on the top and 8 on the bottom with full mouth reconstruction. They worked with my insurance to make the payments more affordable. The dentists and staff are very professional and they made me feel very comfortable. I am very pleased with the work, I haven't been this pleased since I had my natural teeth. These teeth look and feel more natural than my natural teeth did. I'm happy with my smile I even get compliments from some well known dentists in the area. I'm 77 years old and my new teeth are a pleasure for me. You're never too young or too old to visit the center for implant dentistry to improve your smile. I would recommend the center for implant dentistry to anyone who has damaged teeth or who is in need of teeth replacement.

- Charles S.


Tooth loss is a common problem that requires a viable solution if oral health and youthful facial contours are to be retained. Today, that solution comes in the form of dental implant treatment. The team at Center for Implant Dentistry in the Bay Area has committed their focus to the replacement of missing teeth with implants, and we have helped many individuals achieve better oral health, and greater comfort and confidence through personalized treatment.
One of the major problems with tooth loss is that the bone tissue in the jaw will gradually break down in the absence of root structure. This is an important benefit of dental implant treatment. Dental implants may be referred to as tooth replacements, but technically, implants replace missing roots. In so doing, implants provide the greatest amount of stability to replacement restorations, the most natural look and feel, and the only solution to prevent bone loss.
Implants are solitary posts made of high quality materials that will not corrode or decay. They are ideal for the replacement of one tooth or many teeth, and are often used in conjunction with a bridge or denture appliance.
In some cases, bone loss makes it impossible to replace teeth individually. In the upper jaw, our concern is replacing teeth without affecting the sinus cavity, which can increase with age. Coupled with bone loss, this enlarged sinus cavity can leave very little room for the standard placement of individual implants. In such instances, we may place several implants in the standard vertical fashion, tilting the last two towards the center so that ample space remains between the implant and the sinus cavity.
This type of implant situation is complemented by a fixed dental bridge, designed for permanent fixation onto the stabilized dental implants. In the upper jaw, a fixed bridge may contain tiny openings into which implant posts will fit. Cement will be applied into these openings before they are fitted, facilitating a permanent bond for ultimate stability. Lower fixed prosthetics are designed in such a way that the appliance is screwed into implants with tiny, hidden fixtures.
Using the latest technology and proven technique, we can help you love your smile again. Contact us at (510) 570-1065 to arrange your consultation with one of our experienced dentists.


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