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Guided Implant Surgery at Center for Implant Dentistry, Fremont

My name is Bob Ceremony from Pleasanton. I have had 8 upper and 7 lower implants with full mouth reconstruction installed by the dentists at The Thanks a lot for taking such good care of me. Now after six months of treatment, I am happy with the four implants and new teeth that you have given me. Overall I am very happy with the treatment and for sure I saved money as my existing dentist & periodontist would have costed much more money and time. With you I did not have to go to any other place for a CT Scan or implant or crown.

- - Dan Lohberger



Dr. Jain and his associates have developed the Center for Implant Dentistry in the Bay Area to be an office in which the highest level of care is provided. We are the most advanced implant center in our area and we are proud of the technology we have to meet our patients’ needs. One of the greatest advantages of care in our Fremont dental center is the use of computer-guided surgery.
CT scan technology, or computer tomography, has been used in medical and dental applications for more than twenty years. Using CT technology in surgery planning has significantly raised the bar on the level of care we can provide, and we are happy to provide it! Beginning the surgical process with this type of imaging allows your dentist to see the various oral structures in detail.
The combination of CT scanning and other detailed imaging with specialized software essentially allows us to perform the dental implant procedure virtually, well in advance of the day of surgery. This innovative technology means we do not have to estimate the best placement of dental implants.  we know exactly where and at what depth and angle implants should be placed for maximum functionality. With the extent of detail supplied in the planning process, we are more capable of fabricating final restorations before the placement of implants. In-depth details of the oral anatomy simply cannot be seen with conventional 2-dimensional x-ray imaging.
The use of 3D imaging and CT scanning for the placement of dental implants streamlines the procedure, reduces risk, and achieves optimal results for each of our patients. The process of obtaining images is quite simple and comfortable. Safe and effective, the technology used to prepare for implant surgery produces at least ten times less exposure to radiation.
If you are considering dental implants to address the problem of missing teeth, we are happy to answer your questions and provide you with detailed information about this form of treatment. Our doctors are dedicated to the provision of outstanding care, and they have received extensive training in the field of implant dentistry.
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