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San Francisco, CA, patients ask, “Can I receive ‘All on Four’ dental implants?”

I had unique and positive experience with dental implants over the last couple of years.

Initially,I had full lower mandibular acrylic denture with partial failure in less than a year that was happily restored by my attending dentists.

The limitation of the plastic components used resulted in some outward protrusion of the denture resulting in minor discomfort as I was always conscious that something foreign was in my mouth;the other drawback was the challenge was how to maintain good dental hygiene.Because of the above situation and the recent availability of the hybrid zirconium implant,I opted to go for it and with its many superior advantages.It had only been a few days and I hardly notice that there is something foreign in my mouth.

All the dentists in the office are dedicated and do the best job.In one instance they stayed with me till close to midnight to complete the procedure.

I highly recommend for their skill and dedication.

- J Bal,MD


Many dental implant patients are surprised to learn that tooth loss often leads to bone loss which can make replacement options more limited. For some patients it lessens their ability to receive dental implants unless they choose to undergo bone grafting first. However, with the All on Four dental implant procedure, patients in the San Francisco, CA, area can receive a permanent tooth replacement solution.

The All on Four dental implant solution is a relatively new procedure and many patients are asking, “is it available near me?” For those in the San Francisco, CA, area, the answer is yes. At the Center for Implant Dentistry, our team utilizes many advanced technology and procedures to provide patients with the fastest and most effective dental implant treatment possible.

All on Four treatment is commonly used in patients who previously replaced their missing teeth with dentures. Without a tooth, or tooth root, the jawbone is not being stimulated and eventually becomes resorbed by the body. This leads to the dentures slipping or becoming uncomfortable. The patient may notice that they have trouble eating or that their words begin to sound different because they are subconsciously trying to hold the dentures in place.

These individuals, or others who will need to have all of their teeth removed, can find great relief at the Center for Implant Dentistry. With the All on Four treatments, we place an implant on each arch of the mouth. Then the dentures will snap into place using those implants to be held secure. This will make the dentures feel much more like natural teeth and give patients the confidence they’ve been missing.

To learn more about All on Four, or other advanced dental implant methods, call the Center for Implant Dentistry today. Dr. Sambhav Jain and his team are determined to help patients achieve the smile, the function, and the health of the mouth that they deserve. Because we focus almost exclusively on dental implants we are not only staying current on new trends and procedures, we are helping to shape the industry. Our team provides each patient with individual care that is caring and respectful.