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San Francisco area patients can enjoy immediate dental implants

San Francisco area dentist, Dr. Sambhav Jain, is a quality dental professional who works closely with patients faced with tooth loss. Whether it is extraction or loss from trauma or disease, our team can determine the best way of repairing the smile for unsurpassed function and aesthetics. We want our patients to have strong, natural-looking restorations that can provide them with years of smiles, which leads us to suggest dental implants.

Traditional dental implants take some time to place. They require the bone of the jaw to grow around the implant and give it the strength it needs to stay in place and allow the patient to eat his or her favorite foods. The process may take several weeks to several months while osseointegration occurs. However, with mini dental implants, a wonderful alternative, patients can enjoy immediate results. The extraction of the natural tooth and the placement of the dental implant can happen immediately instead of over the course of time. This can speed up the process tremendously, allowing patients to enjoy a more beautiful smile the same day. Both mini dental implants and traditional dental implants are made with the same material, titanium. Titanium is strong, corrosion-resistant, and biocompatible with the body, making it a desirable material for many implants commonly used in medical care.

Immediate dental implants are smaller and do not require as much bone structure as traditional ones. Our practice also uses digital technology, which allows us to better plan the placement of the new implants, ensuring long-term success.

Patients in and around the San Francisco area who are interested in learning more about dental implants and how we can provide same-day restorations are welcome to contact Center for Implant Dentistry and speak with Dr. Sambhav Jain and his team about addressing missing teeth. We welcome new patients to our state-of-the-art practice and want to help you and your family in achieving stronger, more beautiful, and better functioning smiles quickly, easily, and affordably!

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