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About Dr. Sambhav Jain Fremont CA – Best Implant Dentist

My name is Jaime De Avila, after seeing 4 different 'Dental offices' and having nothing but problems, I found The Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, CA

After working for 31 years in the Health care Industry I know what it takes to care of patients, and going by my years of experience, I rate Dr. Sam Jain and his entire personnel with the following words, 'EXCELLENT SERVICE', from the initial phone call to end of my treatment, Dr. Sam takes care of you just like a Family member.

The center has everything to take care of all your needs in one place on 08-29-20012, I went to his office all depressed because my bridge was falling off and I also had a severe infection, I told Dr. Sam that I didn't want to be walking with no teeth showing in front of my mouth, he told me not to worry that he will take care of me, Dr. Sam performed a CT Scan and explained the severity of my case, he worked in my mouth for about 10 hours, it was near midnight when he finished, I walked out with a big smile on my face, he is also taking care of my wife and stepson. Dr. Sam goes well beyond the 'call of Duty', and he does not 'rush you in and out' like other places do, he takes time to explain in detail when you see him with a particular problem, when it comes to dental work for a long term solution I recommend doing the implants because any other type of dental work is just 'temporary', He's been taking care of me and so far he has done 7 implants for me, you might think that he's location may be too far from you, but let me tell you it's worth the drive, and they are open on Saturdays. I call him, 'The Miracle Doctor', he does amazing work!

Dr. Sam, please keep up the good work !


- Jaime D.


Dr. Sambhav (Sam) JainDr. Sambhav (Sam) Jain began his educational journey in mechanical engineering, earning a Master’s degree from the University of Connecticut in 1995. Despite excelling in his studies, he felt dissatisfied with the industry. He had long felt that his calling was medicine. He wanted to help people, to give health, to remove pain, and to improve lives. Considering a career as a physician, he was planning to meet with the college medical counselor when he had a serendipitous encounter with the dental counselor. From that day forth, his life and career were changed. Dr. Jain has been changing the lives of others ever since, practicing dentistry in California and Massachusetts.

Dr. Jain was honored with the Health Leadership Award from Franklin County for his work with the underprivileged in his role as the dental director for the Community Health Center of Franklin County, MA. He chose to focus on implant dentistry because it fulfills his need to help others live a healthy and pain-free life. Furthermore, his background in mechanical engineering gives him a better understanding of the various aspects of dental implantology and the natural oral structure.

With an extensive background in mechanical engineering and CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Jain has developed a state-of-the-art Dental CAD/CAM milling center in which dental implant prosthetics can be made on-site. The addition of this on-site milling center makes us the most advanced dental implant center in the Entire State of California.

His extended education and certifications include:

  • Graduated from the University of Connecticut Dental School in 2000
  • Completed IV sedation training with the respected Medical College of Georgia
  • Master of the International Congress of Oral Implantology  Mastership is the highest achievement within this prestigious association, which is the largest and most esteemed dental implant organization
  • Certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support from the American Heart Association
  • Multiple courses completed in the area of emergency medicine
  • Emergency Airway Management training
  • Multiple courses in the interpretation of EKG readings, including basic and Advanced 12 lead EKG
  • Numerous courses, lectures, and educational videos from the most renowned professionals in the world

Center for Implant Dentistry Fremont, CA
Dr. Sambhav Jain

The Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, CA, https://www.bayareaimplantdentistry.com, is dedicated to the outstanding care of patients. Many people today seek tooth replacement with dental implants. Most often, there are multiple visits to multiple offices involved in the process. This is due to the fact that some dental practices offer implant services, but really only take care of certain aspects of the entire process. To complete the implant process may involve the general dentist to plan treatment and perform extractions if necessary, the implant specialist who will place the implants, the lab in which the appropriate restorations are made and, once again, the general dentist who will affix the final restoration to the implant. With each of these steps performed in a different locale, the process can become tedious. The Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, CA has been designed to complete the entirety of implant care under one roof. Our patients do not have to consult with various practitioners. They can enjoy the continuity of care they deserve to feel comfortable with their chosen form of care.