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Dentures at Center for Implant Dentistry, Fremont

I have been doing my research and have gone to many dentists but nobody took as much time as Dr. Jain in explaining to me the various treatment options for my missing teeth. His pricing is also good so I opted for the treatment on the first visit. Doctor and other staff checked my vital signs and did the surgery under sedation and put four screws (implants) in my lower jaw bone. Surgery was not too bad. Staff was nice they gave me a blanket, yogurt, and juice. Next visit they gave me artificial teeth and nobody in my office knows that they are not real teeth. Now I can smile fully without hiding it. Looking forward to getting new permanent teeth in six months. Thanks, Dr. Jain and his Staff.

- Kevin W.


Dentures are one of the oldest tooth replacement solutions, though not always considered one of the best. Fortunately, we have seen a number of advances in technology and techniques that allow us to achieve more than what has been previously possible. Today’s dentures are more lifelike in appearance, feel more comfortable, and restore a greater degree of chewing function, especially when secured to dental implants.

A set of denturesFULL DENTURES

Full dentures are used to replace an entire arch (all upper or all lower) of teeth. The traditional design relies on suction between gums and the appliance for stability. We offer two types of traditional full dentures:

  • Conventional. This is a two-phase process. First, extractions are performed, if necessary. The gums are allowed to heal, which can take several months. Once the healing process is complete, we create the denture. This method avoids the need for frequent adjustments and relines because the gum tissue is stable.
  • Immediate. This technique allows the patient to walk out of our office with a new set of teeth the same day that extractions are performed. The dentures are created in advance from measurements and impressions taken while you still have your natural teeth. Many patients find same-day teeth a great convenience, but this method does require frequent adjustments and relining as the mouth heals and the gum line evolves.


Partial dentures are used to replace several teeth without disrupting or altering the existing, healthy teeth. They are similar to traditional dental bridges, but they are not permanently attached. They may be secured with metal clasps or designed to snap around existing teeth. The partial denture may be an ideal temporary solution for the individual who needs time to determine which permanent restoration is right for them.


Dentures are something new in your mouth, and the muscles will need a period of adjustment. For several days, you may find that salivation seems more pronounced. It may be somewhat difficult to form certain sounds or words or to chew. As your muscles adapt to the new teeth and the feeling of dentures sitting on top of the gums, you will find it easier to perform your normal oral movements.
We are here to answer your questions and assist you with needs as you adapt to your new smile. If you experience lingering discomfort from your new denture, please schedule an appointment with us so we may evaluate the fit and recommend ways to improve your experience.
Whether you are looking for traditional dentures or an implant supported appliance, we can help. Call (510) 574-0496 and schedule an appointment at Center for Implant Dentistry.