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Dr. Jain explains how affordable dental implants can be in Fremont

Dr. Sambhav Jain and his team at Center for Implant Dentistry are committed to providing the finest care to patients. Part of that commitment is making sure treatment is within the means of a range of budgets. He encourages patients to consider the following points as they search for affordable dental implants in the Fremont area.

Comparing cost

In the hands of a qualified and experienced dentist, implants are versatile. For example, they can be used to anchor a bridge or denture. The most frequent use of a dental implant, however, is to replace a single missing tooth. According to Angie’s List, a popular consumer information resource, the cost of a non-removable dental bridge is comparable to the cost of a dental implant. With good care, a bridge may last ten years or a little longer. A partial denture may cost less, but is removable. A partial denture has less stability for chewing, and usually has visible metal clasps. Partial dentures typically need to be replaced about every five years.

Long term worth

A dental implant restoration blends with the appearance of your smile and looks completely natural. It feels normal in the mouth. The implant restores chewing function just like a real tooth. With good oral hygiene, a dental implant can last for the rest of your life. If the crown restoration ever becomes damaged, it can easily be replaced without disturbing the implant.

The value of good health

You cannot put a price tag on good health. Healthcare represents a big portion of annual expense for most people, and your mouth plays an important role in overall wellness. Dental implants allow you to eat a nutritious, well-rounded diet, and chew food properly for good digestion. Dental implants do not require special cleaning techniques – just normal brushing and flossing – so they do not contribute to gum disease or tooth decay.

Center for Implant Dentistry wants you to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful, restored smile. We are happy to work with patients to make that an affordable reality. We will obtain an estimate of coverage from your dental insurance plan, and assist in filing a claim. We accept payment by major credit cards, and financing through CareCredit. If you need care and none of these options are available to you, please talk with our helpful front desk staff about the possibility of arranging a payment plan. When you are searching for affordable dental implants in the Fremont area, call Center for Implant Dentistry at (510) 574-0496.


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