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Dental Implant Center

A friend of mine referred me to meet you for placing an implant for my missing teeth. I had a great experience at your dental office and all the staff is very compassionate especially, Jyoti, at the front desk is very helpful. Both you and Dr. Gupta explained all the options and gave me time to think and discuss these with my family. During my subsequent visit you placed the implant. My surgery went well and I am happy with the treatment so far. In the next few months I will also get the crown. Now I can smile with confidence.

- Keshav B. - Mountain View


Dental Implant Center


We invite you to visit our modern, spacious state of the art dental implant center located in the heart of the Bay Area, Fremont, CA. We are a group of three progressive dentists who have streamlined our careers to the field of Dental Implantology and Full Mouth Reconstruction. And the inspiration behind it has been the genuine concern for healing.

We believe in the power of Dental Implants and what they have been able to do for mankind. There is no doubt, Implantology has revolutionized dentistry. There has been a paradigm shift in the way we look at the oral problems and how we approach them. The traditional ways of treatment are fading away with the advent of dental Implantology and a new era has taken over.

And we have tried to be on the forefront of this rapidly progressing field. Our philosophy has been to perform complete implant dentistry under one roof, supported by strong pillars of sound knowledge, state of the art equipment, full time dedicated implant team, passion for the job, and above all the sentiment for healing.

We provide modern Implant dentistry. How are we different and better than the offices who provide traditional implant dentistry?

Dental Implant Illustration

Treatment is Swift: We have three full time implantologists, who are trained in complete implant dentistry and fully equipped with all the needed technology under one roof. We have a full inventory all the parts all the time. We are capable of imaging, planning, and performing surgeries the same day as the consultation. In our implant Center, treatment does not linger on for months and years.

Single Visit: Unlike the traditional implant dentistry, we combine multiple surgeries into single surgery most of the time.

Immediate Implant Treatment

  1. For example, if a patient comes with a broken front tooth that needs to be extracted, the implant is placed at the time of extraction along with a temporary tooth and necessary bone grafting. Patient comes without a tooth/broken tooth and he or she walks out with an implant and a tooth in the same visit, and this is done without any cuts or any stitches. (called Immediate implant treatment with an immediate provisional)

    With the traditional method, the patient would go through three surgeries,

    Surgery #1: Extraction and bone graft
    5 months later

    Surgery #2: Implant Placement
    4 months later

    Surgery #3: Uncovery
    1-2 months later

    Crown placed on the implant – Patient gets a fixed tooth after 10 months and 3 surgeries

  2. We almost always combine sinus lift surgery with implant placement

    Same Day Teeth: We are able to fit non removable, temporary teeth, on the implants, the same day of implant placement most of the time. Temporary teeth screwed onto the implants is the most comfortable way of providing interim teeth. Patients don’t have to go months without teeth while waiting for implants to mature.

    Less invasive: We have developed protocols to perform small, localized cuts to almost no cuts when performing implant surgery.

    1. Using the computer guided technology.
    2. For sinus lift surgery, we do not cut a large traditional window (traditional lateral window technique), instead we use the implant holes to lift the sinus and place implants at the same time through the same holes.
    3. We use piezo electric technology to cut bone instead of traditional more invasive bone drilling. Because of piezo technology, the risk of nerve injury has been drastically reduced.
    4. We can see large and we can reach small areas/cavities without making big cuts, because we utilize microscopes and high magnifications loupes, micro-surgical instruments, and microsurgery techniques, derived from vascular surgery and brain surgery.

Minimal Pain: Because we do not make big traditional cuts, traditional drilling, and because we use micro surgical techniques, patients have less post-operative pain and swelling.

Well thought and over engineered: We take our time and don’t rush the surgeries. The surgeries could take longer to finish, but the job is finished in one shot. We place long implants, fat implants, and a sufficient number of implants, with a good amount of bone grafting and soft tissue grafting. We are on the forefront of tissue engineering because of our experience, understanding, and usage of modern biologics and growth factors.

Better Cosmetics: By not making cuts or making only minimal cuts, and using immediate temporary teeth, we are able to maintain the god given architecture and plumpness of the gum, and we don’t let is level off and shrink. As a result of this, we are able to produce implant teeth, which most of the time, even a dentist can’t distinguish from natural teeth.

In office CT SCAN and our eyes into your body: Because of the technology being present on site, we not only know the pre-operative, but also post-operative, and if needed, even the intra operative 3D situation of the surgery in real time. Because of this power to see in 3D, our success rate and quality of outcome has become unsurpassable. We do not perform any implant work based on traditional 2D x-ray technology. CT scan has now become the standard of care. We can discover and fix the mistakes at the time of surgery rather than realizing them a few months later when the implant is failing.

We have the privilege of learning from our mistakes: We have a better understanding (not tunnel vision) of the dental implant treatment as compared to the dentists who are limited to doing either only surgery or prosthetics, because we perform the entire treatment ourselves under one roof. If we perform poor surgery, we are the ones who sweat through the prosthetic phase; and because of the lessons learned, we don’t make the same mistake again. This feed-back loop (learning from mistakes) is missing when multiple players are involved. We don’t rely on other people for performing their job properly. We have a much better control on the quality of outcome. Because of this, treatment is swift and done right the first time.

Unwavering Commitment to continuous


Modern, spacious, state of the art dental implant center

Dental Implant Center


Complete Implant Dentistry Under One Roof


Improvement:Continuing education is the engine of our successful implant practice. Learning never stops and there are always some people who know more and better than you. We are constantly searching and learning from them, watching videos of their techniques, thus continuously improving upon our knowledge of implant dentistry.

No hired dentists working on you: Our implant doctors consist of a husband, wife, and sister-in-law, who are equal owners and work full-time for the Implant Center.Unlike other group practices, we don’t have doctors come and go. If you come five years later, you would find the same doctors.

We Fix Complications of Colleague Dentists: We believe in sharing knowledge and helping fellow dentists with difficult cases and complications. We enjoy the challenge and try to learn from it. Fixing complications is a very powerful tool towards becoming better implantologists.

Continuous Training in Emergency Medicine: Our doctors continuously undergo emergency medicine training, which is well above the required standards. Our doctors are certified in advanced cardiac life support. We take advanced classes for 12; lead EKG, interpretation, airway management, and emergency drugs. We are certified to do IV sedation. Our operating rooms are equipped like hospital emergency rooms. We believe in being over prepared for a medical emergency.