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Oakland area dentist offers replacements of failed dental implants

June 15, 2019

At the Oakland area practice of the Center for Implant Dentistry, patients can have a variety of treatments done right in one office. Drs. Sambhav Jain, Arpana Gupta, and Shivani Gupta are dedicated to helping men and women in addressing imperfections of their smiles, including the loss of teeth. When this happens, many of our patients want to find out more about solutions such as dental implants.

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Pleasanton area dentist provides a solution for patients with dental anxiety

June 1, 2019

At the Center for Implant Dentistry, we understand that many patients young and old may have dental anxiety. Some patients have anxiety because of a past negative experience, while others are unsure of the reason for their fears. We believe patients should always have a positive experience when they visit our practice, which is why we offer sedation, including oral conscious sedation and IV sedation.

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Extraction and crestal approach sinus lift vs extraction and delayed implant placement?

May 25, 2019
Planning a case for implant placement. #14 and #13 [maxillary left first molar and second premolar; 26, 25] are unrestorable. Resorbed ridge height is about 8mm at #14 area. My plan is to extract 13 and 14, place 11.5mm length implant for #13 (more apically for stability) and 6.0 diameter x 10mm length implant for #14. I plan to perform crestal approach lift, and lift approximately 3-4mm. My comfort zone would be to place a longer implant in 14 area but concerned about possible tear trying to lift too much, therefore planning to make diameter wider. My other concern is obtaining primary closure and risk of failure if I cant close suture once done, and risks of extracting, lift and implant placement all at the same time instead of extraction and grafting, waiting 4 months then implant placement with sinus lift. Ive attached CBCT, slices of 13 and 14 as well as intra oral of area. Your input is appreciated.

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Single implant with GBR maxillary lateral incisor

May 5, 2019

60 year old lady, referred for implant placement in the maxillary right lateral incisor region. Favourable IHB, horizontal bone & soft tissue defect Seibert’s Class 1. Ridge width at the crest 2.5mm, with a concave profile apically, thereby precluding ridge expansion and splitting. Implant placed against the palatal plate after tapping to prevent the push of the plate, and the resultant dehiscence was about 7-8 mm. Grafted using Autogenous chips as the first layer on the implant, followed by an Alloplast putty, and a pericardium membrane before achieving tension free primary closure. The last pictures are of 1 year follow up ( which was almost a year ago)

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Can this site be made suitable for an implant?

April 25, 2019
A 26 year old white female patient in excellent health presents with a missing #30 [mandibular right first molar; 46] and a large radiopaque area.  The mandible does not show any expansion and the area is asymptomatic.  The mandibular canal appears to traverse through the apical extent of the radiopacity.  What do you think this is? I have received opinions of condensing osteitis and odontoma. I thought odontoma, but I am not an oral surgeon.  Should this lesion be removed or should I just proceed with the implant installation?  Should I expect that the bone in this area will have an increased density like Type I bone?
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Implant Troubleshooting Advice by Dr. Sam Jain

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