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Milpitas area patients ask, what is a gummy smile?

Do you live in the Milpitas area? Do you feel as though your teeth look small and your gum tissue looks excessive? This is often what Drs. Sambhav Jain, Shivani Gupta, and Arpana Gupta consider a “gummy smile.” Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, patients can address this issue with a procedure known as crown lengthening.

What is crown lengthening? Crown lengthening is a procedure sometimes known as a “gum lift.” It is done to expose more of the natural tooth enamel to make the teeth look longer and larger. Many cosmetic dentists in the Milpitas area perform this treatment as a way to achieve a more aesthetically balanced smile.

Drs. Sambhav Jain, Shivani Gupta, and Arpana Gupta of the Center for Implant Dentistry work closely with patients to help them achieve a more attractive smile. It can even address an uneven gum line. The procedure removes some of the soft tissue from the front of the smile while patients are under local anesthetics and sedation. The removal of excess tissue will not affect the health of the smile. In fact, crown lengthening is a purely elective procedure that patients may consider if they want to enhance their smile. Many dental insurance companies will not provide coverage for this procedure, but our team does offer special financing options to ensure patients can afford the treatments they desire.

The primary advantage to crown lengthening is the procedure is only performed once. After it has been completed, it will last permanently. This is because gum tissue does not “regrow” after it has been removed. Additionally, patients may reduce their risks of cavities because more of the tooth is exposed for easy brushing and flossing. Patients love the ability to laugh, smile, and talk without being worried about how their smile looks to others.

If you have been living with a “gummy smile” in the Milpitas community and are interested in finding out if crown lengthening can help you enhance your smile, contact the team of the Center for Implant Dentistry. Drs. Sambhav Jain, Shivani Gupta, and Arpana Gupta will assess your smile and determine if the removal of excess gum tissue can make a positive impact on the way you look.

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