All on 4 dental implants

Over your lifetime, your teeth will go through extensive wear and tear. They are constantly battling the environment in terms of eating and drinking. So, losing your teeth is normal. It can be uncomfortable to speak or eat, or even smile, but you shouldn’t be embarrassed. It is common, and it will end up happening to everyone. 

There are several alternatives you can consider should you choose to replace your teeth. One of these options is All-on-4 dental implants. 

All-on-4 implants are becoming more common these days as it helps people to regain full functionality. 

Are you considering all-on-4 implants? Do you want to get it but don’t know enough about it to make a decision? Well, here is some useful information to help you out. 

How Do All-on-4 Dental Implants Work?

All-on-4 dental implants are a full set of four implants that replace the entire upper and/or lower teeth. They are the permanent alternative to dentures and are more natural in appearance than the latter. Each implant has a titanium screw which is surgically inserted into the jawbone  which works as a tooth root. a connector , known as abutment is placed on the implant and finally a crown is custom fabricated and fixed. 

What Are Its Advantages? 

The procedure is a simple one-day process that costs less than replacing each tooth separately. These implants will not loosen or shift as dentures do; instead, they are attached to your mouth securely. It also helps people gain confidence in their appearance, allowing them to smile and express themselves more easily and without any insecurity. 

These implants also last upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance and care. It has an excellent success rate. Taking care of these implants is also hassle-free—you would treat them as you treat your natural teeth. 

However, to be eligible for these implants, you will need to have a high volume of bone available. 

Does all this information have you leaning towards getting these implants? Then, you should find a dentist for all-on-4 dental implants in Fremont with a great success rate and reputation who is confident in their abilities to perform this procedure for you. 

What should you know about same-day dental implants?

Have you heard of same-day dental implants? Doesn’t it seem like a dream? Fortunately, it’s not a dream and yes, you can leave a dental office with a new set of teeth on the same day. How much do the same day dental implants cost? Are our full set dental implants cost affordable? Yes, they are more affordable than you think. Let’s know more about same-day implants through the blog. 

What do you mean by same day teeth?

As goes by its name, same-day teeth is a technique that lets your dentist get a complete set of new teeth in a single day. It is a unique technique designed to minimize the ordeal of tooth loss and offer a simple and pain-free procedure. 

Who can get this treatment?

Anyone who has lost all their teeth or is going to lose should go for this treatment. Tooth loss can be due to many reasons and the most common being gum diseases.

What is the procedure?

  • The treatment begins with a careful plan.
  • A CT scan will be conducted to get a 3-D picture of your jaws and teeth. That will help the dentist to determine which is the most appropriate area to get dental implants and the ideal number of implants to be placed. 
  • Then after the implant is placed and special connectors are attached. A new arch of artificial teeth is then secured. A soft diet is suggested for a few weeks after offering the treatment. It takes approximately 3 months for the gums to heal. 

Do you need same-day implants? Get one today by visiting us at CID and achieve your best smile in a single day. For any further inquiries or details, contact us at our dental office to book your appointment. 

What useful tips can help you reach the finest Dental clinic?

CID dental clinic

Finding the right dental care clinic is not a piece of cake. You have to choose the safest, a reputable dental clinic with high-end facilities. The probability of many dental clinics offering these services will be high, but not every dental clinic in Fremont might be suitable. If you are looking for the right dental offices in Fremont, you must know certain things before you pick your favorite one. 

Key advises in find the best dental office

1. Experience has its own significance  –  Looking for the best one, then choose a practice that has served for years and has a great experience. This will give you the surety of reliable services. 

2. High-tech facilities and amenities – Always prefer a dental clinic that offers trusted x-ray facilities and other amenities to provide dental solutions. Pick a clinic that makes use of its complete facilities and amenities.

3. Wide range of dental services – Dental clinics may differ in terms of offering services. Some may provide general dental services, while others may offer only cosmetic dentistry. So, you need to select one that suits your best requirements. 

Essential facts to consider:

A remarkable reputation is a must 

A dental clinic has a good stand if many patients have recommended it. Word of mouth is strong enough to know whether the practice is reliable or not. 

Quality yet cost-effective services

Different clinics offer different costs for their services. Always go for the one that provides quality and cost-effectiveness in one hand. 

Most common dental services offered in a dental clinic

  • Dental fillings.
  • Tooth extractions.
  • Root canal therapy.
  • Dental crown.

At CID, we offer the dental support that you and your family need to keep your mouth healthy and safe. Contact us today to book your appointment.

What should you know about All-on-four dental implants?

Dental implant treatment has become very common among the patients. The dental implant specialist will insert a small screw into your jawbone in the missing tooth place. An artificial tooth is then put over and offers you a new smile. Dental implants are of different types. Here we are going to know everything about all-on-4 dental implants

What do you mean by all-on-4 dental implants?

The concept of dental implants is taken to a large scale through all-on-four implants. In this process, four implants are placed in the top and bottom instead of using a single screw for each missing tooth. This treatment is most suitable for the ones who have lost most or all of their teeth.


Generally, the all-on-four implants are made up of either acrylic or porcelain. Porcelain implants give a more realistic look and are more durable.


The surgery begins with giving anaesthesia to the patient. Then the area is prepared, the implant is placed and the area is cleaned and sutured. The recovery time is less than the typical dentures. 


In the healing process after surgery, you can experience swelling, pain, discomfort, discolourations, dry lips or sore throat. You must contact your dentist if you feel any discomfort during the healing process.


The cost of the implants completely depends on your needs, your insurance plan coverage and the number of teeth needed for replacement. You must discuss the cost of all-on-four implants with your dentist and get a clear idea. 

Are you in search of a reliable dental office offering services of dental implants? If yes, you are in the right place. At CID, we help you restore your smile back with the help of implants. Contact our office today for any further enquiry or booking your appointment with us.

Have New Teeth with All On 4 Dental Implants

New Teeth With All on 4 Dental Implants

Have you lost all of your teeth or is on the edge of losing all? If yes, you must be thinking about getting dentures instead of implants thinking they are more affordable. With time traditional dentures become loose and uncomfortable and create more problems than solving them. All on 4 dental implants are the best solution that offers functioning as well as available at an affordable price. 

What can all on 4 implants do to restore your teeth?

Dental implants offer a viable solution to replace missing teeth. They are permanent and offer stability, durability just like your own natural teeth. Dental implants are different from traditional replacement options as they are placed into your jawbone offering root-like structural support. 

All on four implants also follow the same principles of dental implants being stability, durability and functionality. They allow easy replacement of a full set of teeth with just four implants placed on each jaw. Removable dentures have chances of slipping off or feeling loose on your gums. All on four implants are securely supported as they are placed on your jawbone strategically offering maximum support and stabilization. This treatment not only provides you with a complete smile but is also cost-friendly. You can easily get your teeth which will give you the complete feel of natural teeth. You don’t have to use several implants to make a complete set. With all on four implants, the process becomes more comfortable and less time-consuming. 

If you require all-on-four treatment, visit us at CID and get a rejuvenated smile by our services. Now you don’t have to feel hesitant while smiling or eating. Your new set of all on four implants will be set by our dental professionals who have years of experience in the field. 

Same Day Tooth Replacement | Same Day Dental Implants CA

Don’t you want damaged or missing teeth to be replaced in a single day? If yes, do consider dental implants in one day. It begins with an early consultation at the dental office. The dentist will evaluate your mouth and find out whether dental implants are best for you or not. If yes, then a customised dental treatment plan would be set. 

Same-day dental implants for single or multiple teeth replacements

If your single or many teeth are missing, then single day dental implants are an amazing solution for you. Those who are wearing uncomfortable dentures can consider this as a perfect solution. You can have a beautiful smile in as less as 24 hours. What before took months to show effect can now be achieved in a single day. The same day a patient can walk out of the dentist’s office with functional dental implants. Now people can easily smile, eat and laugh after dental implants with no or minimal discomfort. 

How is single day dental implants performed?

With advancements in dental technology, nowadays 3D city scans are combined with virtual planning software to conduct the dental implant treatment well. The artificial tooth roots are fabricated so that it suits the nuanced parameters of your mouth. As soon as the dentist maps the process, the dental implant is placed. Followed by the procedure, the patient can walk out of the dental office with his new teeth functioning and appearing like natural teeth. 

If you need same-day tooth replacement, visit us at CID and get the best services for dental implants in a single day. You can walk out with confidence. Contact us today for any further enquiry or booking an appointment with us.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars are in the farthest location back in your mouth. Generally, third molars are developed four in number, on the top and bottom of the right and left sides of the jaw. There are some cases where wisdom teeth develop naturally. It erupts through the gums and aligns with the remaining teeth. 

If the above doesn’t happen, generally some dental issues can occur like impaction and bone damage, infections, teeth pressure leading to crowding and decay, cysts and tumours. To avoid any of these complications, get a surgical removal of your wisdom teeth. It’s advised to eliminate the wisdom teeth before any problems are caused and also to avoid any serious issues that can develop in the future.


Your dentist will refer you to a proficient oral and maxillofacial surgeon if any issues with your wisdom teeth are suspected. As the consultation begins, the dentist will take detailed x-rays of your mouth to determine the position of your teeth. An oral assessment will also be conducted. As per the findings, you will be recommended with a certain course of action or an appointment schedule for the extraction process if needed. The dentist will also discuss with you any complications if the treatment.

Removal of the teeth will be conducted in the surgeon’s office. You will be given a local anaesthetic to prevent pain. Then the procedure will be performed by the surgeon. You might feel some discomfort after the procedure is completed. Another follow up meeting will be scheduled with the dentist to check your healing process and to address any issues. 

If you are looking for a wisdom teeth dentist, visit us at CID and get amazing services from our proficient dentist. The wisdom tooth extraction cost is also budget-friendly in our dental office. 

Reasons why sedation dentistry is great for Dental treatment

Kids are not the only one who gets scared to go to the dentist. Thousands of people hesitate to visit the dentist due to fear and especially the fear of pain. Visiting a dentist should never be painful and you should never be so scared that your dental health is at risk. What you deserve is the best treatments and the maximum in professional and personal care, and pain-free treatment. For this, you should consider sedation dentistry.

What do you mean by Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry means usage of pharmacological agents which assists in calming and relaxing patients before and during the dental treatment. IV sedation dentistry is one of the common types. The normal sedation process involves your dentist giving you a sedative prescription which is to be consumed the night prior to your treatment. On the treatment day, before the treatment begins your dentist will give you complete pills to be taken. You will be completely relaxed during the treatment.

Why sedation dentistry?

If you choose to take sedatives for your next dental treatment, any apprehension you feel will be greatly minimized while going to the dentist. Sedation Dentistry proves to be an ideal and healthy solution that helps to overcome your dental anxieties. You may also feel as if your treatment lasted for a few minutes and not for hours. This is already motivating. Additionally, sedation also helps in minimizing movement during the treatment. The dentist can sometimes find it difficult to handle the movements of adults during the procedure. Sedation dentistry helps the patients to keep the patients at ease.

If you require oral sedation dentistry, visit us at CID and receive exceptional dentistry services from our proficient team. We are waiting to reinvent your smiles. So, call us today and book a consultation with us.

Everything to know about One-day Implants | Same-Day Implants

Missing teeth are not at all funny. It feels inconvenient, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. Waiting for your new set of teeth feels very annoying. For this reason, same-day dental plants were invented. People get benefited from dental implants, but they find it very inconvenient waiting for their new set. This is the reason why one-day dental implants turn out to be a great option for patients.

One day dental implants are the same as the general process of getting implants, it’s just quicker and the crown is attached right away after the surgery.

Who is an ideal candidate for one-day dental implants?

You need to consult your dentist, whether you are the right candidate for same-day dental implants. Your dentist will evaluate to find out whether you have good oral health and overall physical health. This implies that if you are suffering from autoimmune disease, chronic disease or hygiene issues you won’t be able to get implants instantly. For getting an immediate implant treatment, you must have a completely healthy mouth and body.

Benefits of same-day implants

There are various benefits to same-day implants given below:

  • The most obvious one is that it’s less time consuming which means your time spent with dentists reduces and you get a new smile in just one visit.
  • With immediate dental implants, you require only one surgery which helps the gums to grow around the crown better. Gums fit around the crown better with one-day dental implants.


There are various risks associated with one-day dental implants. Common risks are implanted movement increases risks of failure, suitable for certain situations, infection, pain, etc.

If you require same-day dental implants, visit us at CID and get the best instant treatments for your missing teeth.

Guide on All on four dental implants

Many people struggle with maintaining dentures, so they don’t like removable dentures. Dental implants are an ideal solution for patients who face problems due to dentures. Getting a full arch of teeth would typically require around six to eight implants for supporting an entire arch of teeth which will be expensive and also time taking. Thanks to the effective solution provided by implant dentistry, we have all on four dental implants.

This procedure has brought a revolution to tooth replacement as it is an easily affordable process as well as time-saving to get a complete set of teeth for the full mouth. The four implants must be placed precisely, two in the front and two implants placed beside them. This option is not suitable for everyone but best for those who want affordable complete mouth restorations. 

How much do all on four dental implants cost?

Your budget is one of the most important factors when you decide to get dental care. As this treatment doesn’t require many implants, the cost is not very high. For a full arch with six implants will cost approximately around $17000 to $24000. With less number of implants, all on four implants will cost less and give you an overall positive appearance and better health. 

Benefits of all-on-four implants

  • Through implants, the bone in your jaw is preserved so that it stays strong.
  • They are more comfortable than dentures as your teeth get support from solid implants.
  • Implants do not move around while speaking or eating, so you don’t have to be embarrassed about anything; your self-confidence increases.
  • Your aesthetics improve.

If you require all on four dental implants, visit us at CID and get your mouth restored. Our experienced team of professionals gives their best to provide you with your best smiles.