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Can You Tell?

Unsurpassable Cosmetics

The closest thing to a natural tooth, the tooth looks like a tooth and not like a prosthetic tooth the power of modern implant dentistry/immediate implant protocol. No cuts, no stitches, getting numbed only once.

Do you consider yourself an observant person? Are you good enough to go up against the skill and artistry of Dr. Sambhav Jain?

Look at the image, one of the teeth is an implant restored with a crown expertly crafted by Dr. Jain. Can you tell which one it is? If you think you know, click on the tooth you think has been restored, and find out if you are correct.

Click on the Implant Tooth


I am so grateful that the family was able to take me immediately after I broke off a front tooth. They did such a marvelous job with the implant work that I was able to take a 4 day train trip soon after.

- Tom C.