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Do All On Four Dental Implants Give Better Result Than Traditional Implants?

Have Missing Teeth?

Getting an entire arch of permanent new teeth can be the most exciting news for those suffering from missing teeth. Mostly older adults suffer from missing teeth due to various dental conditions. Many lose their teeth due to tooth decay or periodontal disease. Gone are the days where dentures were the only solution for missing teeth. Later implant dentistry took overdentures, which also required multiple visits to the dental office.


All on four implants has now become the latest solution in dentistry for teeth replacement. This teeth replacement technique is a breakthrough, which has helped lots of people from the discomforting dentures. With All on 4 implants, you can say goodbye to the removable false teeth and say hello to your permanent teeth.

All on four — Optimal Solution

All on four dental implants give you an entire set of fixed teeth in a single appointment. That’s the reason, they are often known as Same day implants. All on four just requires four dental implants on each jaw to fix the entire arch of permanent teeth. It is specially designed in such a manner that it looks and feels exactly like natural teeth. All on four dental implants are the right solution for those who lack the required bone volume to support the traditional implants. Also, for those who are not comfortable for dentures, All on four dental implants will be the optimal solution.

Advantages of All on four Dental Implants

As specified earlier, the greatest advantage of All on four is that it requires just four to six implants on each jaw to place the new set of teeth.This technique provides maximum comfort throughout the entire procedure. The appearance is also quite natural and stays indistinguishable. All on four dental implants are considered to be minimally invasive and also costs less when compared to the traditional dentures and other implant techniques. As your new teeth are permanently fixed to your jaw, you don’t have to be concerned about slipping, which commonly happens with removable dentures.

At Center for Implant Dentistry, We can give you the most comforting treatment for All on four implants in San Jose. We have implant experts who can provide you with perfect All on 4 implants in San Jose. If you are looking for All on 4 in San Jose call us @ (510) 574–0496.