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Benefits of dental implants vs bridges for Fremont area patients

Implants vs Bridges FremontA dental bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth. It is held in place by crowns cemented to teeth on each side of the gap. Today, dental implants are a preferred solution to tooth loss for most patients. Here are some of the benefits of implants vs bridges, explained by Fremont implant specialist, Dr. Sambhav Jain.

  • Implants don’t compromise healthy teeth. In order to place a bridge, adjacent teeth must be ground down to hold the crowns. A dental implant is a stand-alone restoration.
  • Dental implants maintain the bite balance. A bridge places stress on anchor teeth. This can lead to breakage, unusual wear, or TMJ disorders. The severity of this strain depends on the area of the mouth and the number of artificial teeth in the bridge. A dental implant has no negative impact on teeth.
  • An implant looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. Many patients have difficulty remembering which tooth is artificial. There is no adaptation period, and no restrictions on eating, as there is with a bridge.
  • Only good oral hygiene is required. Because a dental bridge sits on the gum, a special flossing technique is critical to keep the mouth healthy. You simply brush and floss normally with a dental implant.
  • Bone density is preserved. A dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth. Each time you bite down, it stimulates strong bone density for oral wellness and a full, youthful facial appearance. A bridge can’t do that.
  • A dental implant is a lifetime restoration. A bridge must typically be replaced every 5 to 15 years. With good home care and regular dental check-ups, a dental implant has an unlimited lifespan. If the crown should ever get damaged, it can easily be replaced without harm to the implant.

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