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All on four dental implants treatment in Fremont an improvement over conventional methods

All on four dental implants treatment in Fremont an improvement over conventional methods Many people who have had dentures designed just for their smile learn that, over time, the confidence with which they used to smile, laugh, and eat has greatly diminished. When dentures do not fit well, discomfort or even sores may develop. Dietary choices may change to softer, easier-to-chew foods. In the end, it is possible to experience a general negative impact on the quality of life. Complete removable dentures pose a number of challenges, such as:

  • Looseness, which may cause dentures to slip out of place or even to fall out
  • Difficulty speaking clearly
  • Movement or clicking of dentures when eating or speaking
  • Denture sores
  • Changes to facial structure as a result of bone loss
  • Necessity to eat softer foods
  • Digestive and nutritional consequences can occur

Our implant specialists have the training and experience that gives them perspective to provide the highest level of care. Specializing in implant dentistry means that we understand the emotional effects our patients feel when they attempt to live with ill-fitting dentures. We are committed to providing a permanent, cost-effective solution to uncomfortable, dysfunctional dentures.

Patients who wear dentures or will have remaining teeth removed and need full-mouth restoration can benefit from All On Four treatment in our Fremont office. The All On Four technique utilizes only four titanium implants on each arch. Using state-of-the-art surgical-guidance technology, our implant specialists can determine exactly where to place each of these four implants to achieve ultimate stability. Upon completion of treatment, patients will find that dentures feel and function far more like natural teeth than a conventional denture ever could.

Experience your best smile

Treatment at Center for Implant Dentistry, where implants are our focus, begins with a consultation with one of our specialists. During your visit, you are able to discuss your concerns with your dentist and have those concerns taken into account during your treatment planning. We are happy to answer your questions regarding implant treatment, the process, or any other details relating to this type of care. Dental implants are a wonderful solution to conventional dentures. Contact us at (510) 574-0496 for your consultation.