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Understanding All-on-Four implants available in Fremont, CA

One of the most advantageous aspects of dentistry is that it is constantly evolving. Forward-thinking dentists and researchers are continually refining techniques to improve patient care. All-on-Four implants are a great example. Dr. Sambhav Jain and his team at Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, CA and San Carlos use this method to restore oral function and appearance. Edentulous (toothless) patients throughout the Alameda County area, the state of California, and well beyond seek his expertise.

The All-on-Four concept

Dental implants are small cylinders made of a strong, biocompatible material. They are inserted into precise points in the jawbone to mimic the roots of missing natural teeth. A dental implant topped with a porcelain crown, can be used to replace a single tooth. Multiple implants can be utilized to anchor a dental bridge or denture. In the case of All-on-Four, as few as four dental implants are placed to provide stability to a full arch of teeth.

The All-on-Four technique differs somewhat from placement of a stand-alone implant. Often, those who do not have teeth have lost bone mass as a result. All-on-Four uses specially designed implants, angled into the jaw, to overcome bone deficiency (often without the need for a graft). Because they are spaced further apart, fewer implants are needed to stabilize the bridge or denture.

Benefits of All-on-Four

  • All-on-Four dental implants can be fitted with a bridge or denture quickly. You don’t have to live without teeth while your mouth heals and your prosthetic is made.
  • Implants help to preserve remaining bone. Each time you bite down or chew, they stimulate bone density, similar to a natural tooth root. That helps to keep the face from developing a sunken appearance.
  • Implant-supported dentures are very stable. You can eat the foods you love and enjoy the health benefits of a well-balanced diet. Smile and speak with confidence, knowing that dentures won’t slip or pop out.
  • Easy care, just brush and floss normally.

All-on-Four implant-supported dentures are a cost-effective, permanent smile restoration solution. If the prosthetic should become damaged, we can easily replace it without disturbing the implants.

Would you like to know more about All-on-Four implants? Call Center for Implant Dentistry in Fremont, CA at (510) 574-0496 to schedule a consultation with one of our highly-trained dental professionals.