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3D CT Scan Machine

I had a missing tooth for around five years and it showed up when I smiled. A coworker referred me to meet Dr. Jain in Fremont. I went for free consultation with lot of questions but Dr. Jain explained all the treatment options that varied in price and duration of treatment. I wanted to choose the basic treatment but after talking to Dr. Jain, I realized that I could get better cosmetic results with bone graft. I got the dental implant with temporary teeth and last week I got new tooth. It was prepared on a computer milling CAD-CAM machine right in front of me in their Fremont dental office. I am very happy with the treatment and nobody can find out that I used to have a missing tooth. Dr. Jain, Eddie the dental assistant and Serena at Front desk out there are friendly staff members. It was an awesome experience and since then I have referred Dr Sam Jain Fremont Implant center to multiple friends, family members, colleagues across bay area. It's a pleasure to do business with Dr Jain and group. They are now more like an extended family to me. I am anxious to go in for my next appointment to meet and spend quality time for my future tooth enhancement with Dr Sam and their latest cutting edge implant technologies.....Go for it folks, you could never go wrong with Center for Implant Dentistry located at 3381 Walnut Ave, Fremont.

- Mayank S.


You may not know what a 3D CT scan machine is, and you may think that it’s not relevant to you. However, this revolutionary piece of technologically advanced equipment can make the difference between good dental care and fantastic dental care. It provides three dimensional, high definition, visual data with less radiation exposure than alternate imaging devices.
The 3D CT scan machine is an excellent resource when treating:
  • Panoramics
  • Airway Assessments
  • Supernumeraries
  • Impactions
  • Third Molar Extraction
  • Implant Planning
CT scanning allows us to see what we need to, before beginning a procedure
Your dentist can see the condition, shape, and precise location of teeth, bones, and tissues, with a quick, comfortable, non-invasive scan. It provides detailed data about the condition, shape, and precise location of tissues, which, using traditional methods, the dentist might not know until surgery begins.
The benefits include:
  • Improved surgical predictability, for better, more predicable outcomes
  • Ten times less patient exposure to radiation than medical CT scans
  • Lower cost than medical CT scans
  • Fast, comfortable procedure only takes about 20 seconds
  • Open environment scanning is more comfortable for the patient
  • Diagnostics and treatment planning can be completed in a single visit, with the relevant data before the dentist’s eyes in a matter of minutes
  • Makes surgery faster and more efficient
  • Minimizes the risk of an error or misdiagnosis, because the dentist literally has a very clear picture of your mouth, face, and jaw
  • We have software allowing us to share the CT scan images with a patient’s medical doctor, other dental specialists, or other healthcare providers if requested
Although every device, every tool, and every bit of technology in our office serves a specific, valuable purpose, the 3D CT scan machine is the single most important piece of equipment we use. Dr. Jain has stated that he would consider it a disservice to treat patients without the use of a CT machine. It enables navigational and surgical predictability, for advanced diagnostics and planning. The distortion free dimensional data ensures accuracy for a better patient experience with better results.