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I recently visited San Francisco and Silicon Valley area with my family. I flew all the way from WV to see the west coast. But on my way in the airplane, I felt some pain in my upper jaw tooth area. I thought it would be okay by the time I get back to WV and get it looked at by our family dentist. The first day I was in Cupertino area, I could not bear the pain. We didn't know anyone in the new location. We were visiting Stanford University that day and left for a drive around the area. We crossed a long bridge and the signs said we were in Fremont area. We stopped there for dinner and I found ad for some Dr. Jain's clinic in the paper. Next day I stopped by his office and after a wait of around 1 hour, he talked to me. I had insurance from WV (United Concordia, PPO). After checkup it turned out I had a broken tooth that was causing the pain in my upper left jaw and it had to be fixed to stop the pain. Dr. Jain took some X-Rays and advised me that the tooth was broken in a way that the remaining part had to be extracted to prevent infection. I wanted to get rid of the pain and after the extraction I felt good. My trip was suffering due to this uncalled pain and my wife was in the meantime showing the kids the around. After 2 days I went to Dr. Jain's office again. He suggested that I should look into the possibility of getting implant where the tooth was extracted to prevent bone loss. He did some scan and showed me the jaw on the computer. I did not get it done as I had to come back to WV for Thanksgiving but plan to go back to him to get the implant done during my next visit in a few months to west coast. I'm very impressed by the professionalism at this Dentist office and look forward to getting my new implant tooth in the coming months from Dr. Jain's clinic.

- Vinnie G.


Dentistry is a technologically advanced, rapidly evolving field. New discoveries and developments are constantly raising the bar on dental treatment options available to patients. Because we pride ourselves in offering nothing but the best, we regularly update our facility with newer, better equipment. As Dr. Jain, founder of Center for Implant Dentistry, has said, “I would not buy myself a Mercedes car, but I buy the Mercedes of dental equipment for my office.”


We are the most advanced dental implant facility in the Bay area. The recent addition of a half-million dollar CAD/CAM milling center gives us full control of the manufacture of implant prosthetics, ensuring the best quality.


3-Dimensional CAT Scan


3-Dimensional CAT Scan 01
3-Dimensional CAT Scan 02


Tall 3D Machine
This is by far the most important piece of equipment in our office. Although some practices attempt to place implants using only 2D (standard x-ray) images, we believe that accurate diagnostics and precision planning are keys to healthy, successful treatment.
Our CAT scan machine generates high-definition, 3D digital images that provide us with precision anatomical information about the maxillofacial and oral structures. At the same time, this device emits significantly less radiation than traditional x-ray equipment. Simply put, it gives us the ability to see what we need to see before we begin surgery, thus avoiding complications.

Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral ScannerConventional impressions are only just so efficient in achieving accuracy for restorations. Inconsistent quality of the impression too often leads to retakes, inferior clinical and esthetic results and an increased need for adjustments during seating of the restoration. The TRIOS digital impression solution solves many problems by providing quick and accurate impressions without the discomfort caused by standard methods. Digital impressions are more accurate and they reduce the number of appointments and chair time.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-RaysOld-fashioned film-based x-rays are quickly being replaced by digital alternatives. As leaders in advanced technology, we have been using this technique for some time. We find it to be quite beneficial to our patients, as this method emits 80 percent less radiation than standard equipment.

Digital x-rays are more comfortable than traditional x-rays. After a short image-taking session, the digital image is instantly transferred to specialized software that displays the high-definition image right on our computer screen. The digital view allows us to view hard and soft tissues that we may not have fully see on film.


CEREC CAD/CAMCEREC technology allows us to provide dental restorations in a day with no goopy impressions or temporary restorations. We can create a variety of restorations right here in our
office while you wait comfortably. CEREC may be used for inlays, onlays, full crowns, and porcelain veneers. CEREC restorations are made of beautiful, durable ceramic that is of the highest quality. The important difference in materials is that CEREC ceramic is compressed, giving it superior strength unlike the layered porcelain that comes from a lab. Despite the many other advantages of
CEREC, most patients consider the greatest benefit to be the convenience of single-visit dentistry.

The process of restoring a tooth with
CEREC is very simple and straightforward, but it is technique sensitive. Our team is highly trained and skilled in the creation of beautiful, long-lasting CEREC restorations, which are made in just a few simple

  • Damaged tooth material is removed. The tooth is shaped as needed for optimal retention of the restoration.
  • A fine powder is applied, which allows the digital
    imaging machine to capture detailed data. A digital impression is taken,
    which is similar to photographing the tooth. This imaging takes the
    place of standard impressions.
  • The image is displayed on a computer screen and your
    doctor uses specialized software to design your new restoration while
    you watch. The data is sent to the CEREC milling machine, which sculpts
    your restoration from a solid block.
  • The fit and color of the restoration are verified, and
    it is cemented in place. That’s it! The process is completed in about an

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral CameraThe intraoral camera gives us a real-time view of hard and soft tissues in the mouth. The camera is very small, allowing us to view teeth clearly from various angles without causing patient discomfort. Images are displayed in amazing detail on a large screen and we can zoom in on areas of particular concern.

In addition to precision diagnostics, the intraoral camera allows us to show you exactly what we are seeing and why we are recommending a specific treatment. Because these images provide proof of damage or other dental problems, they can be quite helpful in achieving treatment approval from your insurance company.

Computer Guided Surgery

Computer Guided SurgeryComputer tomography (CT or CAT) was initially introduced to dentistry in the late 1980s, raising the bar on dental implant treatment. This revolutionary technology provided an unprecedented opportunity for the accurate evaluation of anatomic structures with detailed accuracy. CT devices and applications evolved rapidly, as clinicians discovered innovative ways to put this technology to work for the patient.

Incorporating the highly detailed imagery of CT scanning, along with specialized software, surgical procedures can be performed virtually, before the dentist even touches the patient. This effectively takes the guesswork out of the actual procedure. It also allows the fabrication of the final restoration prior to implant placement.

Microscopic Surgery

Microscopic Surgery

We use a Surgical Operating Microscope (SOM) to ensure precision accuracy during oral surgeries. This technology allows your dentist to see fine details of the soft tissue, teeth, and bone structures clearly. Often, the naked eye alone cannot see superficial fractures, subtle changes, or the earliest signs of disease and decay.
With the use of microscopic technology, we can deliver more precise diagnostics, accurate surgical planning, and efficient procedures. This greatly reduces the potential for error or imperfection, and improves overall efficiency of dental care.

Laser and Piezoelectric Surgery

Laser and Piezoelectric SurgeryTraditional surgical techniques utilize a scalpel, which is a small, sharp knife. Incisions, like any other cuts, tend to bleed. This means that time is needed to heal. Due to the advanced technology available today, a scalpel is rarely necessary for oral surgery. We can often complete even complex implant placement procedures without cutting and with little to no post procedure soreness.

Laser surgery utilizes the power of concentrated, filtered light energy to remove soft or hard tissue with precision. Because it is not “cutting,” it does not irritate surrounding tissues. Our device generates thermal energy, which has a cauterizing effect, eliminating the need for stitches and virtually eliminating bleeding.
Piezoelectric surgery is a revolutionary new option for sculpting hard tissue. Rather than a physical device (scalpel) or light energy (laser), this device works with piezoelectric micro-vibration.

EKG Monitoring

EKG Monitoring

Electrocardiography (EKG or ECG) is a technique used to monitor a person’s cardiovascular activity in real-time. It is a vital part of a medical practice and we believe that it is equally important in dental practices. Our dentists are trained in the interpretation of EKGs as well as in the performance of emergency medical care.
We do not believe that it is possible to be too cautious or too safety conscious. Therefore, we go to great lengths to prepare for any possible emergency or complication then we go to even greater lengths to ensure that issues do not arise during dental procedures.
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